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Apple successfully blocks Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to Australians

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The product in question that Apple has successfully banned (Image: Supplied) Apple has successfully been able to petition an Australian court to not allow the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet to be sold until the lawsuit against its maker is finally resolved over patent infringement allegations. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the successor to the Galaxy Tab and to be sold on Vodafone’s network, is reported to have infringed on […]

TECHGEEK Podcast #7: We just got hung

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Here is the recorded version of the TECHGEEK Podcast Live Election Edition. This podcast was broadcasted live during the hours of 7.30PM to 8.30PM via Ustream to the world. This podcast has a mix of election news, results, tech news and rantings. With us today is Terence, Stewart, James and Tom. We apologise for the limited organisation of this podcast and the¬†spontaneous¬†internet drop out at our recording location. Next week’s […]

Election 2010: Hung parliament looms over our heads

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While Climate Change remain a top issue, so does the NBN and the filter scheme. However, we might not know the outcomes of these ideas as we are left wondering who will be forming a government, as we wake up knowing that we may have a hung parliament. And we are getting some conflicting predictions. Seven is say 72-71 to Labor, while ABC is predicting 70-72. AEC, however, is reporting […]

Election 2010 LIVE

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Yes, welcome to techgeek.com.au Election 2010 LIVE! We are going to be having an audio stream ready at 7:30PM, but you can also see our live blog with all of our editors. Don’t forget you can contribute via Phone, SMS, Twitter (using hashtag #tgelection), Facebook and our liveblog).

Election Day 2010 Liveblog

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Well, as previously stated, techgeek.com.au is covering the election with our liveblog. With executive editor Terence Huynh and the team from techgeek.com.au, we are making election coverage easier with us keeping track of the entire election in a simple live blog. And by election night, we will cover what is happening on Seven, Nine and ABC (and possibly Sky News) with their predictions and pundits speaking.

TECHGEEK Podcast #7 Foreword: Election Special

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So it seems that the Australian Election is on tomorrow and TECHGEEK is having a very special podcast for it. We have decided it will be a live podcast where listeners will be able to interact with the presenters via SMS, Phone and Twitter. The podcast will feature the latest in the election news and also feature tech news throughout of week. However, we will be recording another podcast on […]