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Update: 7:00PM

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Liberal – 71,864 Votes (54.64%) Labor – 58,661 Votes (45.36%) NSW 2 seats won by Nationals VIC 2 seats won by Labor 2 seats won by Liberal TAS 1 seat won by Labor

Polls are closed

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The Polls are closed. Stay tuned for TECH.GEEK as we broadcast the election here and on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/election07/)… Terence Huynh

Twittering Now

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Less than 30 minutes to the polls close, we have now launched our Twitter account. We have now got http://twitter.com/election07, so you can now add us to recieve latest updates on the Election. Web 2.0… what a wonder, or a blunder.

It’s Time to Go, Howard?

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We have made a panel of people of what they think before the count is on. The questions we ask are not based on political ideas, but to see an outcome over the election. We will be asking a few people over our network, even some outsiders to give your ideas.. “If the Liberals win, do you think that John Howard will give the job to Peter Costello?“ Please give […]

Liberals cop the heat over climate change leaflet

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The Labor Party has accused the Liberals after another leaflet were being handed out in the seat of Brisbane. Voters, according to the ABC, were given a leaflet promoting to place Labor’s candidate Arch Bevis last on the ballot paper. The leaflet was ‘approved’ by G Williams of Moggill Road. Milton Dick, Queensland’s ALP state secretary have made an official complaint over to the Australian Electoral Commission. “We believe that […]

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