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Xbox Music announced – comes with 30 million songs

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E3 2012: Coming soon to Xbox is its brand new music service that will replace Zune. Dubbed (in a very unoriginal fashion) “Xbox Music”, Microsoft is claiming that this is the music service that they “always wanted” to develop – and this will be available on Xbox 360, Windows 8 computers and on Windows Phone. Microsoft have said that it will come with 30 million songs – around double the […]

Square Enix releases E3 trailer, screenshots for Kingdom Hearts 3D

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E3 2012: Square Enix has released some new screenshots and the E3 trailer for the upcoming KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance], for the Nintendo 3DS. For fans of the series, the game will see the return of all the voice actors, including Leonard Nimory. And yes, you read that right. This game is coming to the Nintendo 3DS. Basically, the game sees the return of Sora and Riku and […]

EA announces Battlefield 3 ‘premium service’, costs $50/year

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EA has preannounced something with Reuters, with the company telling them that it plans to launch a new “Battlefield 3” premium service in hope to boost online sales and to compete against rival Activision’s “Call of Duty” – which also has a premium service. According to Reuters, the service is expected to cost $50 a year. Users who subscribe will gain special privileges such as erasing their own game statistics, […]

RYSE – the game that could get an RC in Australia [TRAILER]

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Crytek, the makers of Crysis, is teaming up with Microsoft to create a new game titled RYSE. The game is set, according to its trailer, in ancient Rome and during a civil war, and is one of a few games in this year’s batch from E3 to use the Kinect. However, the game’s trailer does show some player footage, and it appears that this game will be a very gruesome […]

E3 2011: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword TRAILER and SCREENSHOTS

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Nintendo’s 25-year celebrations of the Legend of Zelda’s franchise will not only be focused on the Nintendo 3DS. The Wii is getting into the field with the release of the new Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. The game is set, according to the Nintendo’s PR release, to redefine the traditional framework and introduces an arsenal of items, upgrades and rewards. The game makes full use of the Wii MotionPlus controller, […]

TRAILER: Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D

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Link and Zelda are back, and this time in one of the more anticipated releases for the Nintendo 3DS with its lacklustre games so far. The game, a remastered edition of the popular Nintendo 64 game of the same name, adds several improvements to the 25-year old franchise. The game, which has been re-released as a virtual console game for the Wii, brings back Master Quest, a second quest with […]

TRAILER: Kid Icarus Uprising (Nintendo 3DS)

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It’s 25 years since the original Kid Icarus game was out for the NES, and now for the much-long sequel, Kid Icarus Uprising, is coming out to the Nintendo 3DS. Designed by Kirby and Super Smash Bros. creator, Masahiro Sakurai, the game sees the return of Pit and the dark goddess Medusa. In addition to the main game, the game also includes multiplayer battles between two teams (each team can […]

E3 2011: This is the Nintendo Wii U

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Nintendo just announced the Wii successor, the Wii U. The biggest news from the Wii U is that the new console will have a large, resistive (we’re guessing by the stylus) touchscreen controller with two ‘circle pads’, a D-Pad, the classic Nintendo face buttons, a front facing camera, a gyro and accelerometer. And no, you will not need to get four different controllers if you have the Wii. Nintendo, the king of […]

E3 2011: The Next Generation Portable is now the PlayStation Vita

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Sony has finally decided what to call it’s PSP successor, the NGP (or as many call it, the PSP2) and that name is PlayStation Vita. The name of the console comes from the Latin word “Vita” which means “Life”. Yes, we don’t get it either. The new portable console is available in WiFi and WiFi+3G models and Australian prices and details are yet to be disclosed. An Australian Sony representative […]

E3 2011: Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary + Halo 4

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Already mentioned by Terence, it is confirmed that 343 Industries will be releasing not only a remastered version of Halo: Combat Evolved, the very first Halo game, but are also working on Halo 4, the continuation of Master Chief’s storyline. There are many other amazing games being shown in E3 but for now, lets talk about Halo. First of all, Bungie has put 343 Industries in charge of the Halofranchise, […]

GALLERY & TRAILER: Halo Anniversary (Xbox 360)

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Anniversary Edition = Getting the sky in HD! (Image: Microsoft/Supplied) Announced today, we just finally got a chance to actually download the press kit since for some reason we kept getting an error. Anywhos, what you will see below is the trailer and screenshots for the upcoming remastered edition of Halo: Combat Evolved (also known as the VERY FIRST Halo game). And you can catch these clips and screenshots after […]

E3 2011: BioShock Infinite (with Gallery)

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The latest addition to the BioShock franchise – BioShock Infinite – is set to be released in 2012. And while it is a long time away, you can still get your cravings of steampunk action with these screenshots provided by 2K Games. For those not in the know, the game is not a sequel of the BioShock series based in the land known as “Rapture”, instead it now takes place […]

Xbox 360 to add Live TV, brand new Dashboard UI

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Not much was said in this year’s Microsoft’s E3 Media Briefing – instead most of the time was taken up by new releases coming soon this year, but also revealed was a new dashboard UI with more Kinect integration and plans to get live television onto your screens. As much anticipated, Microsoft did announce a Live TV platform coming to Xbox 360. However, the Diamond rumour did not pan out […]

First Halo game to be remastered for Xbox 360

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Halo: Combat Evolved – the very first Halo game – is set to be remastered for the Xbox 360, just in time for the franchise’s 10th anniversary. It also adds some new features – namely online co-op on Xbox LIVE and classic multiplayer mays reimagined. As well, with Halo 4 announced to be coming next year, the Anniversary edition will include new backstories that will lead in with the new […]

HALO 4 ANNOUNCED – to come out “Holiday 2012” [updated with trailer]

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Just announced at this year’s E3 at Microsoft’s media event – somewhat a “One More Thing” moment – is that there will be a HALO 4. Yes, you heard that right. And now, every fanboy in the entire world has just squeeled in delight. The new game, slated for a holiday release in 2012, will be the first game produced by the 343 Industries Unit, who has taken over development […]