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Guess what? Zynga buys Draw Something maker OMGPOP

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Zynga, the makers of Farmville and the annoying constant Facebook spam messages that appear on your news feed, has announced that it has acquired OMGPOP for an undisclosed sum. OMGPOP, if you didn’t know, are the creators of the Draw Something mobile game that has basically taken over the world. And basically, the fact Draw Something became popular was one of the reasons why the deal was signed. “The OMGPOP […]

Ex-Zynga employee exposes secrets – copying, spying, contractors treated like “second citizen employees”

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Spying on players in order to get personal data, no wonder Facebook and Zynga need each other. A former ex-Zynga staff member has opened up an IAmA Reddit post, revealing both the good and the not-so-good bits of the company. “No, this isn’t payback, or about a grudge. This is just word from someone who’s seen what this industry is capable of doing,” he writes explaining his motivation to do […]