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TECHGEEK Weekly 41: Copyright THIS!

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Image: Fertala/Flickr (Creative Commons) New Zealand is about to get a three-strikes law that remains very controversial, in how it got passed and what’s in the law. The TECHGEEK Weekly Podcast discuss the impact it has, while also discussing about Android’s latest security flaw and the BlackBerry Playbook. Meanwhile, it looks like one post on our site is about to be a cause in an all-out staff rivalry – I’ll […]

The chocolate bunny from the undead

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In Christianity, Easter is about one guy rising up from the dead. In reality, however, its all about the chocolate bunnies we get (and then have a year’s worth of chocoloate). Well, the good people over at Think Geek has come up with something that merges the two things – a Chocolate Zombie Bunny. Originally an April Fools product, the Chocolate Zombie Bunny is now real product. It is made […]

Windows Phone 7 SDK to include multi-tasking, Camera API

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Windows Phone 7 users will be excited by this news (I know Stewart will), as Microsoft has announced an update to its application development toolkit for the mobile OS, which will include access to the Camera API and multi-tasking. While the iOS has these features, multi-tasking was only available since version 3.0, so it’s nice to see Microsoft pushing this out. Other additions to the toolkit include deeper integration with […]

Giveaway: Red Dead Redemption Zombie Nightmare Gift Pack

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I can hear Chris Southcott saying it right now – “FINALLY! Stewart’s posted up the game gift pack”. Well yes, I have. Up for grabs is a Red Dead Redemption Zombie Nightmare Gift Pack which comes with two shirts which say “I love Zombies” or “I heart Zombies” (however you read a picture of a heart), stickers the say the same thing, some other stickers and two sound tracks. You […]

Microsoft launches Avatar Kinect, improves Xbox experience

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Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and gaming platforms for Windows Phone 7 was the main focus of Microsoft’s latest announcements, rather than Windows PCs, as its announced new games for the mobile OS and some improvements to the UI for some Xbox 360 experiences – but also a new feature for Kinect. Avatar Kinect will now allow your avatar to mimic your motions – including your mouth movements and expressions – via […]

Top 5 Games to get for Christmas (Part One)

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As its the final week of Christmas, expect to see some huge bargains coming out for stores in order to get you to buy last minute gifts. Of course, one of these would be the games – and I have created this super list of the top five games for the next-gen console (except for the PC) should get as a gift. I should note, this is not in order […]

Your brain never looked so delicious

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Don’t worry, those aren’t real brains, but are perfect for the next time that a zombie comes up to your front door (before you shoot it). Flickr user xsomnis has made these Brain Cupcakes, which are just red velvet raspberry cupcakes with French vanilla cream cheese frosting with the brain being made out of chocolate. That blood you see is just caramel sauce with food colouring. If you are going […]