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E3 2014: TJ Combo announced for Killer Instinct Season 2

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During the Pre-E3 show, Microsoft revealed that TJ Combo will kick start Killer Instinct Season 2, including a release window of Holiday 2014. The teaser trailer shows off Combo and his stage, looking to be a rush-down character with some grapple moves as well. Nothing else was shown but its great to see Season 2 in development, with one of the fan favourites starting off the next roster of characters, […]

E3 2014: Dance Central: Spotlight Announced

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A new Dance Central game is coming to Xbox One, announced by Harmonix during the Microsoft E3 Press Conference. The game will be a digital download only, exclusive for the Xbox One. With this, Harmonix hopes to give players more DLC and updates, being able to release more songs and content. The game was actually revealed ahead of the E3 presentation by the ESRB, and according to the listing, the game will […]

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Reveal Trailer

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The next Call of Duty by Sledgehammer Games will be titled Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and is set to release on November 4th. Here is the reveal trailer which includes futuristic soldiers and guns, fancy technology, spiderman, hover bikes and Kevin Spacey….wait what? Clearly set in the future, the trailer mainly showcases new gadgets and gameplay, including powersuits (think Elysium) that enhance the strength and speed of a soldier, giving them […]

Minecraft saves will transfer from Xbox 360 to Xbox One

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It has been confirmed that your save data on the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft will transfer over to the Xbox One version of the game. With over 12 million copies sold on the Xbox 360, this is definitely huge news for those who have spent countless hours playing on their 360 worlds, also great news for the guys at Achievement Hunter. Phil Spencer from Xbox says “After months of teaming […]

Free Xbox Live Gold for 360 users this Australia Day weekend

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What better way to celebrate Australia day, with an Xbox controller in hand and gaming away all weekend, Xbox are once again giving 360 users FREE Xbox LIVE Gold in celebration of Australia’s national day, so don’t miss your chance to check out all the benefits of Xbox LIVE Gold. You can also check out Foxtel Play on the Xbox360, with a FREE trial for 14 days. Click Here for more […]

Xbox One UI demo showcases Dashboard personalization, Skype, DVR and more

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Xbox have released a video on their Youtube that showcases the many features of the Xbox One. from switching and snapping, Live TV, Skype, game DVR, OneGuide and much more. Yusuf Mehdi and Marc Whitten walk through what it’s like to use the Xbox One dashboard, being customized and tailored to how YOU play games and watch TV. Although the Kinect is no longer mandatory for the Xbox One, you will […]

Xbox One launch titles download/install sizes

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Moonlightswami, as he goes by on Twitter, already has his hands on the Xbox One after a Target shipping error, and has revealed the download/ install file sizes of Xbox One launch titles. According to Moonlightswami, all Xbox One games will need to be installed on the HD before playing, with file sizes ranging from a couple of MB to around 45GB. Unknown whether these numbers are the same for […]

Killer Instinct: Orchid revealed, Spinal teased

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IGN and Double Helix Studios set up a 2-hour stream, showcasing the fan favourite Orchid, and a handful of new features coming to the game this November. Orchid is a rushdown character that uses a mixture of classic and new special moves, resulting in really intense in-your-face combat. Source: IGN Orchid’s moveset is more offense than defense, having her classic Flik Flak cartwheel and a new slide, as well as […]

Xbox One launches November 22

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Just announced today by Microsoft (and via Major Nelson), the Xbox One will be launching on the 22nd of November 2013 in the 13 available launch countries. Just to recap these first 13 countries are Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, UK and the US. Microsoft’s Yusuf Medhi also revealed that the Xbox One’s CPU performance has been increased from 1.6GHZ to 1.75GHZ. These games will […]

Halo 4 GOTY Edition Confirmed

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Along with Dishonored, Borderlands 2 and Injustice, Halo 4 will be releasing a game of the year edition, complete with all DLC, Spartan Ops Season 1 and all Pre-Order Bonuses, The GOTY Edition will be available in October for $49.99 USD. A Game of the Year Edition of Halo 4 will be offered this October, offering tremendous value for fans who want to enjoy one of the most critically acclaimed […]

Killer Instinct: Pricing Details + 5th Character Reveal

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During Gamescom, Double Helix and Microsoft announced Killer Instinct’s pricing structure for the Xbox One this November. There will be 6 characters available at launch, with another 2 being released a few months after, and for those who get the Ultra Edition, will also get an emulated version of the original Killer Instinct Arcade game. It was also confirmed that there will be character skins and accessories (small features that […]

Microsoft reveals Xbox One game line-up

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Along with an announcement trailer, Microsoft recently revealed the line-up of games that will be coming to the Xbox One. Despite that a console release date is yet to be announced, they have listed a number of games, some which are exclusive to Xbox One, and titles that will have exclusive and timed exclusive content available on Xbox. Here is the games list as of August 19, 2013. which Xbox […]

Killer Instinct: Chief Thunder Revealed

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Double Helix Games and IGN released the reveal trailer for Chief Thunder in the upcoming Killer Instinct game.In the video we finally see Thunder’s new character design, the previous game he appeared in was the very first Killer instinct in 1994, so there has been a lot of design and story changes for Thunder. We also take a look at the process of designing Thunder’s play style, special moves and […]

Major Nelson’s Xbox One Unboxing

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Larry Hrby aka Microsoft’s Major Nelson has just released a brand new unboxing video for the Xbox One. While most features shown in this video were previously described at E3, we do get a new look at what ‘Day One’ versions of the system will look like, with unique decals and chrome D-pads on the controller. A standard Xbox One chat headset is also confirmed to be available in both […]

Killer Instinct – Chief Thunder Teased at EVO 2013

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The Super Smash Bros. Melee and Injustice Finals at EVO 2013 were really intense, but I was more stoked for the Injustice and Killer Instinct character reveals. During the stage demonstration, Glacius’ combo trailer finished with a teaser, showing a tomahawk fly across the screen and stick into a tree. Chief Thunder will be returning to Killer Instinct! Source: IGN For those unfamiliar with the series, Chief Thunder made his appearance […]

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