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Watch Dogs – PS4 Announcement Demo

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During the announcement of the PS4 today Sony featured many demo’s from both exclusive and cross-platform games. One of those games was Ubisoft’s new IP Watch Dogs first featured at last year’s E3. So how does this now revealed next-gen game handle on the PS4?

Bungie reveals ‘Destiny’ – February 17th

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With 343 taking care of the Halo franchise, what has Bungie been doing in the last year or so? Well in a few days time we’ll be treated with a big reveal of their new game Destiny. The game will be published by Activision, as of Bungie’s ten year publishing deal with them, on the Xbox 360 and PS3, or possibly next gen. So…what is Destiny? The name Destiny first emerged […]

Batman Arkham City Sequel or Prequel?

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Although a sequel may not be too surprising for those gamers who delved into 2011’s “Batman: Arkham City” the release of 15 domain titles recently purchased by TimeWarner of which Warner Bro’s is a subsidiary would suggest the possible names of a future game. The 15 domain names are featured below: Batman BatmanArkhamKnight,com Although many of these titles […]