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WordPress Jetpack gets even better – adds Publicize, free CDN for images

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So, if you happen to use WordPress – like we do – then you’ll get excited about this. Automattic’s Jetpack has received an update, and this time adds their Publicize feature and adds support for Post By Email, Infinite Scroll and access to their Image CDN for free. For those who aren’t up to scratch with this plugin, this is meant to plug the features gap between (where you […]

TECHGEEK Weekly 35: So much for #winning

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We give our take on the Apple iPad 2 announcement, find out Microsoft’s response to the tablet and see if 3D is a big gimmick on the Nintendo 3DS. As well, IE6 hopefully goes into the grave and Street View now on bicycles? You’ll have to listen and find out. A shorten edition today as Audition managed to crap out and lose the entire recording (luckily we only just started), […]

Tip: F#*K! My blog got hacked. Now what?

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This article is part two of two covering blog hacking for Security Month, a month-long look in the importance of security. You can read the previous part (one dealing with prevention) here. Part Two covers what to do after your blog just got hacked. Enjoy! This article was written by Catalin Cosoi. Recovering from a hack can be a painstaking experience, and the effects of a hack may be felt […]

Tip: How to prevent your blog being hacked

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This article is part one of two covering blog hacking for Security Month, a month-long look in the importance of security. Part two covers what to do when hacked, while this will focus on covering how to prevent your blog from getting hacked. This article was written by Catalin Cosoi. Blogging is undoubtedly one of the most popular ways of expression on the Web. While some bloggers opt for a […]

Automattic releases WordPress 3.0 Beta

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Five years ago, WordPress announced the launch version 2.0 – which saw WYSIWYG editing and numerous features that are still present today. Over the years, we saw changes in its UI (twice within the 2.* era), additional features and one-click updating and installation of themes and plugins. Now, skip to today, and Automattic, the guys who run WordPress, have released the beta of WordPress 3.0.

WordPress to create Android application?

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RUMOUR MILL: Want a rumour to keep your senses tingling? Well, it might for some of you – especially those with an Android phone. WordPress is rumoured to be launching an Android application where, like the iPhone and BlackBerry applications, to edit and manage your WordPress-powered blog from your phone. Turns out it may be true, they have created a special blog on the subdomain, hinting at the development […]

WordPress 2.9 beta to come out at the end of October

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While WordPress is still the best blogging software tool out there in the web, it is still being criticised for not being a “real CMS (Content Management System)”. But, it seems that will change once the 2.9 beta is released around the end of October with brand new features, according to Dougal Campbell. Campbell has said that the next version of 2.9 will include Post Thumbnails, meaning that an image […]

ALERT: WordPress blogs under attack, Users asked to upgrade to 2.8.4

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SECURITY BRIEF: Users using an older version of WordPress (that is, before the current version 2.8.4) have been asked to upgrade immediately to the latest version in order to avoid an ongoing attack to users self-hosting their own blog and could lock you out of your account. While blogs hosted on are not affected as they are upgraded as a new version comes out, the vulnerability is said to […]

10 WordPress themes you should stay away from

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WordPress is a great CMS and blogging platform, but theming for it is not equal. Like web designing, for every good or beautiful design, you will always have a design that we say that you should stay away. However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t download them – we’re just saying that they suck, and that people would dislike your site even more. So, here are the list of the […]

10 WordPress themes to get your blog started

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WordPress is a fabulous CMS and Blogging Tool, however, its default theme might not be giving your blog that “wow” factor that you want to impress your friends. You could always develop your own theme, but that would be silly if you have no knowledge on how to design one. So, today, we will be bringing some of the 10 themes that we liked that you may want to use. […]

“Improvise” – WordPress 2.7 gets its debut!

By on has already upgraded to it, and so you should too. WordPress has unveiled version 2.7, or codenamed “Coltrane”, which contains a massive overhaul to the WordPress administrator functions, as well as some new features, including the ditching of manual updates and FTP uploads to plugins and the entire blogging platform itself, thanks to an automatic update system – which makes it a bit more attractive to first time users. […]

Review : WordPress 2.7 Beta 1

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WordPress, the most popular blogging tool out on the web, has released the first beta of its latest version, WordPress 2.7. While the full version was supposed to go out on November 10th, it was delayed – but they managed to give out a beta version of the software for everyone to try out. So, I took that opportunity to find out what has changed and what has been removed. […]

WordPress company buys PollDaddy

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Automattic, the company that owns both and, has acquired the Irish start-up PollDaddy for an undisclosed amount of money. And it seems to already integrated the service instantly, after announcing a plugin for the self-hosted version (the .org version) and enabled integration with the blogs on The acquisition comes after Automattic bought Intense Debate, an advanced commenting system, and Gravatar last fall. All of the acquisitions have […]

Review : WordPress iPhone App

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The WordPress App for the iPhone and the iPod touch is a brilliant application; however, it might not be a good way to blog if you are a serious blogger – like me. This application works for both and your self-installation on your server, but you will need WordPress 2.5.1 or higher to make this work. Like WordPress, this is a community driven app, where you can contribute. And […] no longer blocked

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According to a tipster (and from Matt’s blog), was not supposed to be blocked, but one of the blogs. It had to do with a military officer which led to a court order. TTNet, the main telecommunication’s company, complied with the order, but some inexperienced employee blocked the whole domain instead. He soon realised and took action to fix it. The employee, according to the tipster, is about […]