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Windows XP, Vista and 7 get cheap upgrade to Windows 8 Pro

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Microsoft has revealed the upgrade path for those on previous versions – like Windows 7 and Windows Vista. You will be able to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for only US$39.99 and Microsoft will be offering it to 131 markets (so that, assuming, will include Australia). And those on Windows XP, you will also be able to upgrade to Windows 8 using the same way, and same price. The software […]

Microsoft cuts version confusion, offers three consumer flavours of Windows 8

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Microsoft has today announced the editions for Windows 8; and has basically dumped the “Home Basic”, “Home Premium”, “Business” and “Ultimate” editions found on Windows Vista and 7, replacing them with the much more defined “Windows 8” and “Windows 8 Pro”. What’s the difference between “Windows 8” and “Windows 8 Pro”? According to Microsoft: For many consumers, Windows 8 will be the right choice. It will include all the features […]

Mainstream support for Vista ends – bye, bye?

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Today is the day where Microsoft finally ends mainstream support for Windows Vista (remember that?). The company, however, won’t stop supporting the OS altogether as Vista now moves off to ‘extended support’. What does that mean? Well, ‘Mainstream support’ basically means Microsoft will release patches – security or not – for free. Once it goes to ‘Extended support’, non-essential patches (i.e. the ones not relating to security holes) will be […]

Windows 8 Consumer Preview: Here’s how to get it!

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Microsoft has finally pushed out the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, as promised, from a Windows 8 event at Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona, Spain. Not only is this version improved from the Developer Preview, with 100 000 changes, but it also includes plenty of Metro applications not seen in the previous Preview, such as Mail, Music, Calendar, Messaging, Video and a Marketplace to get more apps. And anyone can download […]

Windows 8 gets a new logo – drops the flag and divides many

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Windows 8 not only bring a whole new interface, but a brand new logo as well. Windows will soon drop the flag that has been synonymous with the brand since Windows 3.1, replacing it with a more Metro-inspired design that actually looks like, well, a window. And brand aficionados have mixed feelings about the new design. Microsoft announced the change on its blog, and said that they had these goals […]

Microsoft might be ditching the Start button in the Windows 8 ‘Consumer Preview’

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Since Windows 95, Microsoft has included the Start button, a button that opened a list of Applications and Folder shortcuts, in each new version of Windows. While there have been changes, such as the change from the word “Start” to a Windows ‘orb,’ the main functions of the menu have remained the same. But it now looks like the famous button and menu is on the chopping block thanks to leaked […]

2011 – A Year of Many Things: A recap of the big events of the year

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The year 2011 was one year that we will all never forget. Even though they were all in the beginning of the year, the floods in Queensland and Brazil, the earthquakes in Christchurch and the tsunami in the north of Japan are still present in all of our minds. We also saw the death of a tech luminary, Steve Jobs; and the powerful News Corporation losing its influence over politicians […]

REVIEW: Zune Pass

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A few weeks ago the Zune Music store finally arrived in Australia. But while we have enough online music stores, the big part of the announcement was Zune Pass. For $120 a year you get unlimited on-demand streaming music. But are there some hidden problems? Chris Southcott reviews the Zune Pass, after the jump.

BUILD 2011: Windows 8 keynote highlights

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Microsoft has just finished their first keynote at their developer event in California called BUILD. You will be able to download Windows 8 at 1PM AEST from this website. The keynote was dedicated to Windows 8 and here are some of the highlights out of the keynote in chronological order. First Steven Sinofsky, President of Windows, came on stage to roll out some stats. Windows 7 has sold 450,000,000 copies, bringing it […]

Ballmer: Windows 7 has sold 400 million licenses

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It looks like Microsoft has recovered from the car crash of Windows Vista, with Steve Ballmer announcing at their Worldwide Partner Conference that Windows 7 has sold 400 million licences since it’s birth in 2009. The new figure also brings Microsoft the title of the highest selling OS of all time. Also announced at the event was that Office 2010 has sold 100 million copies Corporate vice president and chief financial officer […]

This is Windows 8

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Microsoft Windows president Steven Sinofsky just dropped a bombshell at All Things Digital’s D9 conference, announcing the next version of Windows at Microsoft’s conference. The next evolution of Windows, codenamed Windows 8, will feature a touch-friendly Metro UI, similar to the UI seen in Windows Phone 7 as well as a classic desktop interface. The new OS has been designed from the ground up with touch in mind, unlike Windows […]

Konami announces latest PES title – PES 2012 for Xbox 360, Wii and PS3

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Football fans, another game is heading your way. Konami has announced a new title for its Pro Evolution Soccer line of football simulation with the PES 2012 that will be heading to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and the PC. The title was announced in a new video, featuring its Creative Producer, Shingo ‘Seabass’ Takatsuka. The game will also launch on PSP and the PlayStation 2, but noticeably […]

More images surface on Windows 8

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More images from the leaked early build of Windows 8 have started to emerge, with many features still hidden in its core – and can be revealed if you managed to deep digger. The latest is that of a much-needed update to Task Manager. What? Task Manager, or that thing that pops up (or used to) when you press Ctrl-Alt-Del, has relatively stayed the same from edition to edition. There […]

TECHGEEK Weekly 41: Copyright THIS!

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Image: Fertala/Flickr (Creative Commons) New Zealand is about to get a three-strikes law that remains very controversial, in how it got passed and what’s in the law. The TECHGEEK Weekly Podcast discuss the impact it has, while also discussing about Android’s latest security flaw and the BlackBerry Playbook. Meanwhile, it looks like one post on our site is about to be a cause in an all-out staff rivalry – I’ll […]

Windows 8 to integrate Ribbon, Metro UI?

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Image leaks of Windows 8 have revealed that Microsoft plans to integrate the Metro UI from Windows Phone 7 for its welcome screen and further integrate its Ribbon UI (found in Office and in many of the core apps) into Windows Explorer.

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