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Microsoft looking to show “the future of Windows Phone” on June 21 AEST

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How huge is June turning out to be? Microsoft, which announced a Windows Phone Developer Summit last month, has just sent out another invitation to the US press, with the words “A sneak peek of the future of Windows Phone”. It’s the same event, but it now looks like the rumours of Windows Phone 8 could come true. On June 21 AEST Microsoft is likely to show of Windows Phone 8, […]

The only feature I need to join a streaming music service

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So Spotify has finally launched in Australia, which looks like it’ll be the last piece of the Australian streaming music puzzle for a long time to come. And it’s really great, as Australian’s now have more choice than ever. But for me, I can’t choose any of these services. As a little bit of a background, I own a Windows Phone with 32GB of storage, which I use for all […]

Telstra brings out first 4G Windows Phone – HTC TITAN 4G

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Telstra has announced that it will be bringing out its first 4G phone running Windows Phone, parterning with HTC to bring the TITAN 4G to Australia – beating the Lumia 900 (which has been announced on Optus, but will run on its 3G network as opposed to its upcoming 4G LTE network) as the first WP7 phone for Australia. The HTC TITAN 4G features a 4.7-inch display running on a […]

Nokia Lumia 900 and 610 coming to Australia, available on Optus and Vodafone

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Nokia’s Lumia 900 and Lumia 610 heading to Australia, as confirmed by Nokia. Both phones come just months after their sister phones, the Lumia 800 and 710, were launched in Australia – and surprisingly, Nokia Australia took a few months to get the Lumia 900 and Lumia 610 out the door to Australians. Both phones were only announced back in February. The Lumia 900 is heading to Optus, and will […]

Melbourne Public Transport App Wrap-Up for Windows Phone

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Tom did a guide for Android, and now I’m doing one for Windows Phone. While we have constantly mocked Windows Phone for having some very sub-par applications, there are little gems that are really brilliant. So, here are some of the top applications – both web and mobile apps – that will help you get around Melbourne’s transport system. At least it’s a bit easier to understand than Sydney’s own […]

Pixelated: Speed isn’t optional Microsoft

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I’ve been thinking over this post for a few months now, but Joshua Topolsky’s review of the Nokia Lumia 900 has reminded me that Microsoft has lost its speed. Especially with this quote: In some ways, I feel like I’m reviewing a webOS device again (but with much, much nicer hardware). There are all these wonderful ideas at play, but it’s impossible to look past the nagging bugs and missing […]

HTC Titan II goes global, Australia confirmed but date unknown

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The HTC Titan II has been confirmed to launch in Australia, after its chief product officer Kouji Kodera revealed that the company plans to release the phone worldwide to other LTE networks. In an interview to Pocket-lint, he made mention of Australia as one of the countries that would be getting the phone. The phone is most likely then go to Telstra, as the company has a small, but substantial […]

MWC: HTC still to make Windows Phones, new line will feature Apollo

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HTC may be pushing more and more Android phones, but it will still have its fingers on the other mobile OS, Windows Phone. The company has recently confirmed to two different media sources that it will continue making phones with the Microsoft-backed OS, despite HTC’s overall financial woes with tough competition with Samsung and Apple. The mobile maker’s CEO, John Wang, told TechCrunch that the company will not give up […]

Analyst: Nokia is largest Windows Phone vendor

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Windows Phone has a new leader in the market, with HTC being over taken by Nokia. The numbers come from Strategy Analytics, who also claim that Microsoft’s big bet with Nokia is paying off with an increase of 36 percent in shipments. While the iPhone and Android ship more phones, the 2.7 million number shows some signs of life in the operating system (which I’m happy – since a two-man […]

Facebook for Windows Phone updated – feed filters, privacy controls, bug fixes

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If you have read Chris Southcott’s little complaint about Windows Phone 7 (and listened here, and here), then you would have also noted his dislike of the Facebook app. Well, Facebook has pushed a new update that is said to fix some of the problems of the app. To be fair, Stewart also hates the app. There have been several improvements in version 2.3 with the news feed, including in […]

Windows 8 Consumer Preview coming to Australia on the 1st of March

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Microsoft has finally detailed the release date and some more details for the Windows 8 ‘Consumer Preview’, also known as a public beta. The launch will come from Mobile World Congress on February 29, US time, from between 3PM and 5PM CET, which is around 3AM AEST on March 1. Being at a mobile conference, the launch could include demos on tablets or possibly even a look at Windows Phone […]

OPINION: Windows Phone: Sweet on the outside, sour on the inside

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One thing that I’m getting a little sick of is people who stick up for Windows Phone, but haven’t actually used it full-time. I remember first seeing when Windows Phone Series 7 was announced. I also remember eventually using it in store. It was smooth, fast and I really liked the look of metro. I was excited. Finally, an alternative to iOS and Android which….looks good! Eventually I ended up […]

OPINION: Windows Phone 7 is FAR FROM DEAD

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Wired Epicenter recently published an article on Windows Phone titled ‘Is Windows Phone’s Consumer Focus Killing It?‘. It’s certainly reasonable to propose that the consumer focus is a reason for Windows Phone’s less than spectacular adoption, but to say that Microsoft’s will to satisfy the end consumers to the highest degree possible will be a prominent cause in the platform’s possible demise is pushing it much too far. The Windows […]

2011 – A Year of Many Things: A recap of the big events of the year

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The year 2011 was one year that we will all never forget. Even though they were all in the beginning of the year, the floods in Queensland and Brazil, the earthquakes in Christchurch and the tsunami in the north of Japan are still present in all of our minds. We also saw the death of a tech luminary, Steve Jobs; and the powerful News Corporation losing its influence over politicians […]

Zune Pass coming to Australia November 16 with 11 million songs

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I don’t know how we missed this, but last Wednesday Microsoft held a local press conference detailing a number of new services available to Australian consumers. While Kinect Voice Control was announced at the event, I’m personally much more excited by the announcement of Zune Music purchases and Zune Music Pass for Australia. Samsung and Sony also have music subscription services in the works and available but Zune Pass, in […]

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