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Telstra ditches email service, moves to Windows Live

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BigPond has announced that it will soon switch off its own email service – BigPond Email – and will be migrating its customers to Windows Live. All new customers connected on or after today will be using the new service, with other customers expected to upgraded sometime during 2012. This will also mean BigPond customers will have access to other Windows Live services such as SkyDrive, Messenger and Office Web […]

It’s official – Microsoft dominates two-thirds of IM market

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It’s now official. Microsoft now controls two-thirds of the worldwide instant messaging market share – thanks to its acquisition of Skype, according to a brand new report from security analysis firm OPSWAT. Microsoft’s famed Windows Live Messenger has a market share of 40.67%, while just-bought Skype controls 27.39% of the worldwide IM share. With Yahoo Messenger controlling 15.11% of the market, the three of them now control 80% of the […]

Microsoft releases Windows Live Essentials Beta

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After seeing what are the new things in Windows Live Messenger, we were hanging on our seats to see when Microsoft will release the beta version of the next installment of Windows Live Essentials. Now, we know the date. It’s now. Windows Live Essentials Beta includes the next versions of Messenger, Writer, Photo Gallery, Mail and Movie Maker, and are all part of connecting Windows 7 to the online services […]

Tip: Sometimes old things are better…

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Need to instantly revert back to an older version of an application but you don’t have the file or disk of that particular version? Have no fear, we have found a website that will let you get the very, very first version of a particular application. This is – and it will allow you to go instantly back into time and find that special file that allows you to […]

Review : Windows Live Messenger 9 Beta

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A couple of days ago, Microsoft released the betas of the latest versions of its Windows Live Suite – dubbed “Wave 3”, which will also encompass a huge redesign of all the entire Windows Live product line, online and offline. Part of the new beta were Windows Live Messenger 9, Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Writer, Windows Live Toolbar, Windows Live Photo Gallery and Windows Live Movie Maker. All of […]

Next version of Live Messenger to use WPF effects

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Along with Windows Live "Wave 3", a new interface will be developed for Windows Live Messenger Version 9, Messenger Stuff is reporting, via an unidentified but trustworthy source, that the new version will use the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). To make it easier for those who are not up to date with WPF, it was a brand new feature introduced to .NET developers in the latest version of the code […]

Unlimited Nudges…

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Windows Live Messenger has the ability to send nudges, however they are limited. Nudges are these annoying ‘shakes’ that makes sure that you wake the other person. But now, thanks to our sister site UltimateWarez, we have a patch that can help. NOTICE : tech.geek has not checked it, please download at your own risk. Download it here… just to lose all your ‘friends’.

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