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Telstra ditches email service, moves to Windows Live

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BigPond has announced that it will soon switch off its own email service – BigPond Email – and will be migrating its customers to Windows Live. All new customers connected on or after today will be using the new service, with other customers expected to upgraded sometime during 2012. This will also mean BigPond customers will have access to other Windows Live services such as SkyDrive, Messenger and Office Web […]

Hotmail accounts missing emails

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Some Hotmail users have started the new year with a bit of frustration, as users are reporting missing emails and also email’s being sent to the Deleted mail folder. Worried users have flocked to Microsoft’s forums for help, which currently has 476 pages of complaints. Windows Live technicians have responded to some of the threads, stating that they are aware of the problem and are trying to work out a […]

Microsoft to give Hotmail users POP3 access

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RUMOUR MILL : Microsoft may be allowing people to have access to their Hotmail e-mails on different e-mail clients via POP3, according to several sites pointing to a forum posting on, posted on December 31 last year. User cebcubs asked if the rumour “that a few of the features of Hotmail Plus (namely, POP3 feature) will be available in early 2009” was true , and a “Windows Live Isabel […]

Hotmail now 5GB

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LiveSide is reporting that Windows Live Hotmail has received an update, with the biggest one is the increase to 5GB of storage. As well, some of the other changes includes… Improved Contact Management, with allows you to merge contacts together. Auto-Away messages. Really important for holiday trips Account forwarding to Google and Yahoo. WTF? Paid customers get double of the free storage, up to 10GB.

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