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Windows 8 Consumer Preview: Here’s how to get it!

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Microsoft has finally pushed out the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, as promised, from a Windows 8 event at Mobile World Congress 2012 in┬áBarcelona, Spain. Not only is this version improved from the Developer Preview, with 100 000 changes, but it also includes plenty of Metro applications not seen in the previous Preview, such as Mail, Music, Calendar, Messaging, Video and a Marketplace to get more apps. And anyone can download […]

Thurrott: Windows 8 is NOT dropping the Start Button (technically)

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Remember the hullabaloo over the fact that Windows 8 will drop the Start button in the ‘Consumer Preview’? Well, according to Paul Thurrot, it’s not going away anytime soon. It’s just no longer on the taskbar, that’s all. Thurrott notes that Microsoft is planning to make the Start button a physical button. Why? Well, remember that Metro design for the Start screen? Well, that’s where Microsoft is heading, so it’s […]

Windows 8 Consumer Preview coming to Australia on the 1st of March

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Microsoft has finally detailed the release date and some more details for the Windows 8 ‘Consumer Preview’, also known as a public beta. The launch will come from Mobile World Congress on February 29, US time, from between 3PM and 5PM CET, which is around 3AM AEST on March 1. Being at a mobile conference, the launch could include demos on tablets or possibly even a look at Windows Phone […]