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Wikileaks attacks Australian supporters, labelling them a “front group”

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In a bizarre move, Wikileaks has turned against one of its support groups in Australia, the Wikileaks Australian Citizens Alliance (WACA). In a tweet on Tuesday, the organisation labelled the group as a “front group”, despite being formed – according to WACA – as a “response to the Australian Government’s hostility towards Wikileaks”. The organisation also demanded they cease using Wikileaks’ name and logo in their materials and name, citing they […]

Wikileaks Party Senate candidate: NSW preferences a “poor judgement call”, not admin error

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Gerry Georgatos, the number one Senate candidate for the Wikileaks Party in Western Australia, has said that the Wikileaks Party’s New South Wales preferences fiasco was a “poor judgement call” and not an administrative error. “It was not an administrative error, it was a poor judgement call. I’m not [going to come out] here and bullshit the audience,” he told the Indymedia programme (24 minutes into the programme) on Perth’s RTR yesterday. His […]

Former Wikileaks Party staffer says Assange’s father was the “caller” that led to resignations

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Former Wikileaks Party social media captain Sean Bedlam – who is also a member of the Wikileaks Australian Citizens Alliance – has said that he was one of the recipients of the series of calls that led to the mass resignation of Leslie Cannold and six others (including himself), and has revealed the identity of the caller. In a series of tweets, he has identified John Shipton – the party’s […]

Former Wikileaks Party member: Assange wanted deal with Family First, veto power on preferences

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More fallout from the Wikileaks Party’s preferences fiasco as four National Council members yesterday announced their resignations, following from the shock decision by Assange’s running mate Leslie Cannold to resign. However, one former member and member of the National Council – Dr. Daniel Mathews – has shed more light into the internal divisions over the preference deals in a blog post. Mathews, who is friends with Assange since university days, […]

Wikileaks Party candidate Leslie Cannold resigns after internal fighting over preferences, “others will also resign”

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The Wikileaks Party appears to be in turmoil with its second Victorian seat candidate Leslie Cannold resigning from the party after several members of the party were planning to bypass the National Council and would not conduct an independent review which was announced today. If the Wikileaks Party was successful in getting a seat in Victoria, then Julian Assange would hold the seat. However, if he is unable to leave […]

Wikileaks Party changes preferences after outcry, launches independent review over issue

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After some outcry from followers over its Senate preferences in New South Wales and Western Australia, the Wikileaks Party has announced that they will change their preferences in order to put them in line with the National Council’s decision. They will be issuing how-to-vote cards telling supporters of the Wikileaks Party to vote “below the line” – which will mean that they will have to preference all candidates – with […]

Who are the Wikileaks Party preferencing?

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The federal election is in a few weeks and while there has been so much focus on Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott, don’t forget there is a Senate election. Unlike the House, the Senate elections have been traditionally dominated with minor parties thanks to its very unique voting system. And this year’s election has seen a record-breaking number of minor parties being represented in this year’s election – namely the […]

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