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Nintendo Direct – Announced WiiU Games

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It was announced that no WiiU games will be releasing in January and February, mainly because of their focus on Miiverse and WiiU usability. But don’t worry, in this morning’s Nintendo Direct, Satoru Iwata announced a handful of titles that will soon be releasing on the WiiU. First starting off with games that have already been announced: Pikmin 3 will include a feature that turns your Gamepad into a camera, […]

Virtual Console Service on the WiiU

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During the Nintendo Direct this morning, Satoru Iwata announced WiiU’s verion of the Virtual Console, allowing people to play classic Nintendo, Super Nintendo games on their WiiU. What does this mean? Nostalgia City. Although most games won’t be available at the time of the Virtual Console’s launch, we will be able to play SNES, and later on Gameboy Advance games not only on the WiiU, but also off-TV using the […]