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Nintendo Direct – Announced WiiU Games

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It was announced that no WiiU games will be releasing in January and February, mainly because of their focus on Miiverse and WiiU usability. But don’t worry, in this morning’s Nintendo Direct, Satoru Iwata announced a handful of titles that will soon be releasing on the WiiU. First starting off with games that have already been announced: Pikmin 3 will include a feature that turns your Gamepad into a camera, […]

Virtual Console Service on the WiiU

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During the Nintendo Direct this morning, Satoru Iwata announced WiiU’s verion of the Virtual Console, allowing people to play classic Nintendo, Super Nintendo games on their WiiU. What does this mean? Nostalgia City. Although most games won’t be available at the time of the Virtual Console’s launch, we will be able to play SNES, and later on Gameboy Advance games not only on the WiiU, but also off-TV using the […]

Wii mini announced, exclusive to Canada

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Just when you thought there would be no more Wii news this week, Nintendo has announced the Canadian exclusive Wii mini. With a price tag of $99.99 Canadian (Around $96 AUS), the redesigned Wii comes with a Wii Remote Plus™ controller & Nunchuk, but doesn’t include GameCube Compatibility and online services and features.   The WIi mini was purely created for the casual market, focusing on what really sold the original […]

Nintendo Australia reveals Wii U release and pricing – November 30 for $349.95

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Nintendo Australia has confirmed that the Wii U will be selling in Australia and New Zealand on the same date as the Europeans – November 30 – and several games that will launch at the same time as the console, including Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Mass Effect 3 – Special Edition ZombieU and RAAYMAN LEGENDS. Among other release day titles that will be out on launch day or by […]

Nintendo Wii U to come out in US on Nov 18, Europe on Nov 30

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Nintendo has revealed the release dates for the Wii U in North America and Europe, and like the Japan announcement, there will be two models – the Basic Set and the Deluxe Set. An Australian release date is expected to come out soon after the European Nintendo Direct. The Wii U will be heading to the United States on November 18, with the Basic Set to be priced a US$299 […]

Nintendo reveals Japanese details of the Wii U – launching Dec 8 for 26,250 yen

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Nintendo has revealed the Japanese release date and pricing; and also has revealed that the Wii U will come into two ‘sets’ – the Premium and the Basic set. The Wii U is to launch in Japan on December 8 with the starting price for the Basic set for 26,250 yen (or AU$322.20). The Basic Set comes in White, and will have 8GB of memory inside the body unit. The […]

Nintendo to announce new details on Wii U on September 14

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A new Nintendo Direct broadcast has been scheduled, and to happen the day after the Apple event on September 13, 3pm London time. Or for Australians, you will be able to stream it at midnight on September 14. The President of Nintendo of Europe, Satoru Shibata, will be conducting this broadcast; and Nintendo of Australia has said that Australasian-specific details will be released on the Australian website right after the […]

Nintendo reveals spec sheets, games for Wii U – and it might have a shot

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E3 2012: An AMD-Radeon high definition GPU, a new multi-core processor, wireless connectivity, HDMI output up to 1080p, and a list of third-party games – including Assassin’s Creed III, a “Armored Edition” of Batman: Arkham City and Mass Effect 3 – that finally sees the Wii brand now all grown up. Yes, we are talking about the Wii U. Nintendo showed off many ways of the GamePad. Yes, a gamepad […]

E3 2011: This is the Nintendo Wii U

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Nintendo just announced the Wii successor, the Wii U. The biggest news from the Wii U is that the new console will have a large, resistive (we’re guessing by the stylus) touchscreen controller with two ‘circle pads’, a D-Pad, the classic Nintendo face buttons, a front facing camera, a gyro and accelerometer. And no, you will not need to get four different controllers if you have the Wii. Nintendo, the king of […]

Konami announces latest PES title – PES 2012 for Xbox 360, Wii and PS3

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Football fans, another game is heading your way. Konami has announced a new title for its Pro Evolution Soccer line of football simulation with the PES 2012 that will be heading to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and the PC. The title was announced in a new video, featuring its Creative Producer, Shingo ‘Seabass’ Takatsuka. The game will also launch on PSP and the PlayStation 2, but noticeably […]

Nintendo: Next Wii coming in 2012, to be previewed at E3

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The rumours of a new home console from Nintendo have been officially confirmed by none other than Nintendo. The new console is scheduled for 2012, but Nintendo will preview the console at this year’s E3 on July 8th AEST. On July 8 they will also have a playable model of the system, as well as “more” specs. While no details for the new console have been made official yet, Nintendo […]

Nintendo: net profit down 74 percent; slashes Wii, DS sales numbers

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Sony isn’t the only one making an announcement.  Nintendo announced its earnings for the third quarter, and it isn’t pleasant reading. The company’s results showed that its net profit for the nine months through December dropped 74 percent. The company’s operating profit for Q3 sank 47 percent as it reported 104.6 billion yen (or US$1.3 billion), compared to the 192.3 billion yen same time last year. It failed to meet […]

Top 5 Games to get for Christmas (Part One)

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As its the final week of Christmas, expect to see some huge bargains coming out for stores in order to get you to buy last minute gifts. Of course, one of these would be the games – and I have created this super list of the top five games for the next-gen console (except for the PC) should get as a gift. I should note, this is not in order […]

EB Games Mad Monday Sale [Bargain Hunter]

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If you need a Christmas present for a gaming friend or family member and don’t want to spend too much, you might want to check out EB Games’ Mad Monday sale. It’s online-only and starts, funnily enough, on Monday, December 6th at 12AM. Some of the bargains include the PS3 exclusive Uncharted 2, which was crowned IGN’s 2009 Game Of The Year, for just $28. Or the Xbox 360 Exclusive Halo: Reach […]

Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board [Bargain Hunter]

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Are you in the mood to get fit after christmas? After all that eating of turkey, lollies, candy canes and all the other stuff during christmas and new year – it’s the perfect time to get in shape. What better way to do it? With the Wii Fit Plus! It tracks your weight, gives suggestions on what to do and it even teaches you how to keep fit with the […]

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