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Group wants Wi-Fi banned in New Mexico

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A group in New Mexico wants the state authorities to remove all Wi-Fi hotspots from all public buildings, according to VNUNet. They claim that the technology causes allergic reactions. The want the Wi-Fi to be removed from libraries and then from all other buildings. The group claims to be "electro-sensitive" and deserve to be able to live without Wi-Fi and they believe that they are being discriminated against the Americans […]

Half of Web Users admit Wi-Fi theft

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More than half (54 percent) admit that they have used their neighbour’s Wi-Fi connection without permission, according to some research by security firm Sophos. Many internet connected homes failed to secure it properly with passwords and encryption; allowing to steal other people connections than rather pay for the ISP. Further more, if they download huge files (e.g – movies, music files, etc.), then they will slow down their neighbour’s speed […]

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