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TECHGEEK Weekly 36: The Hidden Truth

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More censorship is coming to the App Store, Kogan makes the $1 million bet, and we see the insides of the iPad 2. Oh, and we have gone Charlie Sheen-mad this week after the release of the Gregory Brothers’ “Winning” song. Since Tom (and James, but he never shows up) is not here this week, we get Dave Barranquero – some random person that Chris and Stewart know – as […]

TECHGEEK Weekly 33: It’s Raining Tablets

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This week saw Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and the number of tablets have expanded with Samsung, LG and HTC getting in the mix; while publishers are angry with Apple and Telstra gains some love with us with its announcement over 4G. We also get into a shouting match over the fact that processors are different – with Tom on one side and the rest of us on the other. […]

Parrot goes Red for new Zikmu Hi-Fi speakers

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Zimku Red Dragon (Image: Parrot) This, on the right, is the Zikmu Hi-Fi speakers from Parrot. While this has already been out since October, the company has decided to use CES to announce that there will be a red version of the product. Dubbed the “Red Dragon”, it is obviously red. It joins the colours green, black, white and grey. The speakers are wireless Hi-Fi stereo speakers that also come […]

TECHGEEK Podcast 18: Put that in your phone

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John Brumby goes Oprah and starts giving doctors iPads, Facebook tries to kill Gmail with their own email project and your phone will be able to determine if you have a STD instantly. What a freaky little world. Oh, and turns out the Kinect is starting to be a bit creepy (and its not because of Project Milo) when advertising companies are getting images of you performing acts in front […]

Organs status sent to cellphones wirelessly

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A Dutch research facility has found a way to send organ status updates with a new wireless technology called a Body Area Network (BAN) so that they can be forwarded to doctors via a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. Yes, this means that your liver is getting its own IP address – not that IP addresses are scarce. IMEC, the organisation, has used its own ultra-low-powered electrocardiogram sensors to perform the […]

iPhone 4 to be sold in China on Sept 25

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iPhone lovers in China can now rejoice as they will soon join the long list of countries that will be getting the iPhone 4 roll out, according to an Apple press release. The phone, which has been known to have problems with the antenna, screen and camera, will be hitting store shelves in all Apple retail stores in China on September 25 at 8am; including the new Apple Stores in […]

Aigo’s sexy tablet fills the the Slate hole – packs Tegra 2 and Android

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Look at that sexy design. No, that’s no mockup. It’s a new tablet from Aigo (or Patriot) with beautiful slate-like design. According to new details from China, it will run on the Tegra 2 processor from NVIDIA alongside a 1GB ARM Cortex A9 processor with 512MB of DDR2 memory, a 800 x 480 pixel touchscreen display and HDMI output. It comes with a 4GB, 16GB and 32GB options and will […]

iPad 3G to start shipping on May 7

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May 10 will be the date when Apple fanboys can pre-order their iPads in Australia (and other countries – except for New Zealand, so suck on that), but for the Americans – who got to get their hands on the device since April – will see the 3G version of the iPad shipping on May 7, according to the Apple Store – despite a “late April” date being mentioned by […]

Apple releases iPad ad during Academy Awards

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Apple has published a new teaser commercial for the iPad during the Academy Awards today. The new ad basically highlights the features of the new Apple device – including watching a Star Trek film, reading an eBook from the iBooks app and working on documents with iWork. The iPad is set to launch on April 3 for the Wi-Fi model, while the 3G model will come out later in April. […]

WiFi a/b/g/n and introducing WiFi Direct

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There it is folks – a new Wi-Fi type that will be officially support by the Wi-Fi Alliance and is aimed to do one thing – create a devices-to-deivces network without a base station or ad-hoc nonsense. From the Wi-Fi Alliance website press release: The specification, previously code-named “Wi-Fi peer-to-peer,” can be implemented in any Wi-Fi device, from mobile phones, cameras, printers, and notebook computers, to human interface devices such […]

802.11n Wi-Fi standard approved

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The IEEE has finally approved the next high-speed Wi-Fi standard 802.11n, after going through a dozen or so revisions from the standard was conceived in 2002. The standard is said to be capable of delivering throughput speeds of up to 300 megabits per second, but it is also reported to achieve higher than that. Few additions have been made to the draft, according to Network World, and all of the […]

Vietnam deploys Wi-Max trials in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh

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NEWS IN BRIEF – Vietnam Datacommunications (VDC) have announced on Thursday that they will be deploying Wi-Max trials in the two major cities in the country – Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. VDC is a member of the leading ISP in Vietnam, the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group, providing internet access to residents and businesses. They will partner with Motorola to deploy the trials, using the Wi-Max 802.16e technology, […]

McDonalds to offer free Wi-Fi in stores

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McDonalds has announced that it will drop its pay-per-use Wi-Fi provided by Telstra to a free, but filtered, “all you can eat” service. The service has proved to be successful after trialling it in 20 stories, but will upgrade the rest of its 720 stores around Australia. The plan is to be finished sometime in March next year, a rate of 40 stores per week. Impressive. NSW and ACT stores […]

Rumour Mill : New PSP firmware to add Wi-Fi store, screen captures?

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According to this French source (translation) after being told by an unnamed French developer, the latest firmware of Sony’s PlayStation Portable (Version 5.00) will include direct access to the PlayStation Store, which was promised last month for Japanese gamers, an improved RSS reader with text file support and a screen capture mode that allows you to take screenshots during a game. While the date has not been confirmed, the source […]

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