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PS3 getting fresh coat of white paint in November

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Do you want a PlayStation 3, but can’t stand it’s current colour? Well, you’re in luck! Coming in November to Australia is a white PS3 with a 320GB HDD and two controllers, which are also white. While white DualShock 3 controllers have been available for some time, this will be the first time the PS3 will be available in White for Australian’s. You can pre-order one now at EB Games. […]

White iPhone 4 delayed again, hit stores in Spring?

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For some reason or another, Apple just can’t get it right when it comes with the white version of the iPhone 4. It missed the original date of July, and was given another delay to the end of this year. Now, Cupertino has given a release date for the long-waited device: Spring. Next year. Or in our case, Autumn. Apple hasn’t disclosed why the white version has been a pain […]

Apple Peel 520 goes white before iPhone 4

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You have all heard of the Apple Peel 520, right? Well its a silicon case for the iPod touch which actually contains the parts from the iPhone that are not in the iPod touch in order to turn you iPod Touch into a makeshift iPhone. Well the Apple Peel 520 is now being made in white which has beaten the white iPhone 4 which has currently been delayed. While apparently […]