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Rumour Mill: Safari, iTunes to merge

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The latest rumour to come from Apple is that Safari and iTunes are about to merge, with Safari – the fourth most popular browser after Internet Explorer, Firefox and WebKit-brother Chrome – piggybacking the success of iTunes to propel it to the top. The rumour is pretty vague itself, but it claims that iTunes controls will be present in Safari and that “Moving iTunes organizational side-bar into Safari isn’t a […]

Review: BlackBerry Torch 9800

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While the BlackBerry still is one of a businessman’s best friend, it still faces some challenges when it comes with the Apple iPhone and Google Android-powered phone. And after years of constantly trying to outdo the popular phones (and, in some cases, failing – such as the BlackBerry Touch), the Torch is its latest attempt to revamp the brand. Read our full review, after the jump.

Internet Explorer falls below 50 percent in browser market

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Microsoft’s dominance of the web may be coming to an end sometime soon, with new statistics from Stat Counter coming out that highlight that Microsoft’s massive share is now less than half of the entire market. While Internet Explorer still reigns supreme, the browser only holds 49.87 percent, while rival Firefox holds 31.5 percent – steady from last month. However, the big success story is Google’s Chrome browser, increasing tremendously […]

Apple announces WebKit2 – Chrome-like process split included

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So, thought Apple’s big iPhone OS 4 announcement would be the only thing that Apple would be revealing? Turns out, developers will be getting some more good news from Cupertino, with the announcement of WebKit2. One big announcement will be that it will have separate processes for web content – including JavaScript, HTML and the layout – to which it points out that it is similar to how Google Chrome […]

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