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TECHGEEK Podcast 10: We are currently in negotiations

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Yes. We have a government. And it’s Julia Gillard. James Wilson is still pretty pissed about that, but we are moving on with the show with a lot of Apple news, discussion on XP and dispel or add to the iPad 2.0 rumour. On the show this time with Terence, Tom and Stewart is James Wilson – after a long hiatus – and bringing his colourful (we’re not using the […]

Can you decypher the time on this watch?

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Believe it or not, this is actually a watch. No joke. Called the Zonal – and yes, I don’t even know what that means exactly – it is essentially a watch that depicts time in red segments of a squircle, or a rounded square. The top right one tells the hours, while the bottom left tells the time in increments of five. The bottom right tells the one minute increments […]