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Watch Dogs delayed to 2014

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Today Ubisoft Montreal has revealed that their upcoming title Watch Dogs will be delayed to “spring 2014” which for us down under typically means Autumn. All current and next-gen versions of the game have been been pushed to the now delayed release window. While we were looking forward to getting our hands on the new open world IP this year the development team feels the game needs some much needed […]

Who won E3 – Sony or Microsoft?

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E3 2013 is finally here with Microsoft going head to head with Sony in a battle of supremacy over the next-gen consoles. So lets to a look at the positives and negatives of both of today’s conferences.

Watch Dogs – PS4 Announcement Demo

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During the announcement of the PS4 today Sony featured many demo’s from both exclusive and cross-platform games. One of those games was Ubisoft’s new IP Watch Dogs first featured at last year’s E3. So how does this now revealed next-gen game handle on the PS4?

The Best of E3: Ubisoft’s ‘Watch Dogs’ announced, looks pretty great

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Just before the Ubisoft E3 conference ended, a massive game was unveiled, in classic E3 style. The brand new IP, ‘Watch Dogs’ was revealed to have been in development for three years, and gameplay shows that it’s not something to ignore. Set in the modern day US, ‘Watch Dogs’ is a 3rd person open-world game based on the idea of a centeralised system for controlling a city, called CTos. The […]

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