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Your PS Vita gets a little bit more useful – Skype is coming today

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The PS Vita – the gaming device that is the successor to the PlayStation Portable (and pretty much a very tiny library of games) – is getting a bit more useful with the addition of Skype. You will now be able to make video and voice calls with the new app, which will be available in the PlayStation Store for free. And as a little nudge after the lack of […]

PlayStation Vita Buyers Guide

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While the majority of TECHGEEK’s writers (not myself) have been negative towards the PlayStation Vita, that doesn’t mean that it is a bad gadget. In fact, if you want a dedicated portable console, the PlayStation Vita could arguably be the best choice and it has been well received. So if you’ve decided to invest in a Vita, here is a collection of tips for buying games, accessories and the console […]

PlayStation Network accounts to be renamed as Sony Entertainment Network accounts

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In their effort to make a single ID for each Sony services, the company has today announced to users, via email, that the PlayStation Network will be renamed the Sony Entertainment Network. The change is purely cosmetic, with your account details remaining the same, and the new name will come to PS3 and PS Vita via firmware update, but not PSP. The reasoning is that Sony wants you to use […]

PlayStation Vita sales drop considerably during first week in Japan

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The PlayStation Vita, which came out on December 17 in Japan, has already seen a considerable drop in sales numbers just days after release. While the 3DS also had a difficult time gaining traction, the Vita lost a much larger amount of sales in the first week. After selling 321 000 units in its first two days of availability, the rest of the week from December 21 to Christmas Day saw only 72 […]

PlayStation Vita launch line-up announced

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With the PlayStation Vita launch in Japan just a few weeks away and the Australian launch just a few months away Sony has finally announced the complete launch line-up for Europe/Australia/NZ. The launch first-party games available on Australia’s 22th of February 2012 launch will be: Uncharted: Golden Abyss WipEout 2048 Reality Fighters Little Deviants ModNation Racers: Road Trip Everybody’s Golf Escape Plan Gravity Rush Hustle Kings MotorStorm RC Top Darts […]

Motorstorm RC announced for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita

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No, we’re not joking. Sony has just announced Motorstorm RC for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita downloadable via PSN, a game that will replace the real cars from regular Motorstorm games with virtual remote control cars. Is the release also April 1? Trailer after the break. The big part of the news is that it is truly multi-platform, meaning that if you buy it for PS3 you’ll also get […]

Sony partners with Vodafone for PlayStation Vita’s 3G version

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While its been known for some time now that AT&T would supply 3G coverage in the US and that NTT DoCoMo would provide it in Japan, Sony has been quiet on details for Europe and Australia. But today Sony has announced that the PlayStation Vita 3G version will ship with a Vodafone SIM and provide 3G connectivity via the Vodafone 3G network. Vodafone has also announced that it will be […]

PlayStation Vita finally gets Australian release date and price

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Sony Computer Entertainment Australia has finally announced an Australian price and release date for the PlayStation Vita, their new portable gaming system. The PlayStation Vita will be available from February 23, 2012 and will come in two varities. A WiFi PSV will be for AUD$349.95 for Australia, NZD$449.95 for our New Zealand readers and €249.99 for Europe. Meanwhile the 3G and WiFi version will be AUD$449.95, NZD$549.95 or €299.99. The […]

Sony PS Vita to launch in Europe/USA in 2012, Japan this year

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The head of Sony Computer Entertainment, Kazuo Hirari has revealed pricing details and availability of the PlayStation Vita, its upcoming successor to the PSP. However, while Japan will get it before the end of the year, the rest of us will have to wait till next year before we get it. “Our plan right now is to launch in Japan by the end of the year, and then in North America […]

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