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Nokia Lumia 720 comes to Australia – on Vodafone and Virgin Mobile

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Nokia’s Lumia 720 is coming to Australia. The new mid-range smartphone – featuring a 4.3-inch ClearBlack screen and a 1GHz dual-core processor – will be coming to Vodafone, Virgin Mobile and leading retailers for $429. The Lumia 720 also has 8GB of storage that is expandable with a microSD card up to 64GB. Other features include a 6.7MP rear cameras and a wide-angle 1.3MP front facing camera; wireless charging; and […]

Virgin is out of iPhones – already…

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Virgin Mobile has run out of iPhones, after announcing that it would be offering the phone on Friday. The website is saying that both the 8GB and 16GB offerings are "Out of Stock", with the white iPhone version only available for the 16GB – and is very limited. A spokesperson for Virgin has confirmed that the iPhone stock had gone dry. It did not say how many that it had […]

Virgin gives you 5GB on iPhone data plan – wow!

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When we reported that 3’s unauthorized, make-you-buy-your-own-because-we-cannot-be-stuffed-talking-to-Apple iPhone plans gave you a maximum of 2GB of data on one of their plans; we thought that it would be the only one that is going over the 1GB limit – but we were wrong, as usual. Virgin Mobile, which recently said that it has been allowed to sell the iPhone (it is owned by Optus), is now offering 5GB on a […]

Virgin Mobile scores the iPhone

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Optus-owned Virgin Mobile has become the fourth Australian mobile carrier to get its hands on the iPhone. It will sell the handheld device on August 1. According the staff at Virgin, you can get the 8GB version for $0 upfront if they sign a 24-month contract for $70 per month, which gives them $520 worth of calls and text and 1GB of data capacity – and you can upgrade it […]

Virgin Mobile to buy Helio

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News In Brief: Virgin Mobile in the US have announced that they will buy struggling mobile carrier Helio for $39 million, paid in stock, with its South Korean owner – SK Telecom, owning 17% of Virgin Mobile. Also, Richard Branson’s Virgin Group and SK Telecom will also invest $25 million each to the new combined company. However, there is expected to be no disruption with the service since both are […]

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