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iPhone 4G prototype leaked again … in Vietnam

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Apple must really have some security problems as another prototype of the iPhone 4th Generation has been found and photos being posted on a Vietnamese Apple forum. The individual in question is apparently, according to MacRumours, a Vietnamese businessman who bought the prototype in the US with the iPad. The model in the photos posted by are almost identical to what Gizmodo posted before, with the back indicating it […]

Vietnam rejects Google claims of hacking

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Google’s claims that Vietnamese computer users were spied on and blogs critical of the government were hacked into were rejected by Vietnamese authorities talking to the AFP, telling the news agency that these were “groundless opinions”. A spokeswoman from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Vietnam has “specific regulations against computer viruses, harmful software and for ensuring information security and secrecy.”

Vietnamese security firm claims Conficker might have come from China

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Vietnamese security firm BKIS, which makes the BKAV anti-virus software, has said that they have found clues that tell them that the Conficker worm may have originated from China, as opposed to countries like Russia and in Europe, according to a report by CNET It’s conclusion is based on the coding of the virus, saying it is closely related to the notorious Nimda virus, which wrecked havoc across the […]

Vietnam to impose new restrictions on blogging

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Vietnam has approved new regulations that will effectively banned bloggers from discussing topics that the government deemed to be “undermining national security” and opposition to the state’s views, and bring in a new requirement that would see all of their writing to personal issues, according to reports from the Associated Press and AFP. The new regulations, obtained by the AFP, has said that all blogs must not “provide, transmit or […]

Vietnam deploys Wi-Max trials in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh

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NEWS IN BRIEF – Vietnam Datacommunications (VDC) have announced on Thursday that they will be deploying Wi-Max trials in the two major cities in the country – Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. VDC is a member of the leading ISP in Vietnam, the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group, providing internet access to residents and businesses. They will partner with Motorola to deploy the trials, using the Wi-Max 802.16e technology, […]

Vietnam releases pro-democracy protester

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Vietnam has released one of its well known ‘cyber’ dissidents, two weeks before the President of Vietnam makes an historic visit to the US. Nguyen Vu Binh was released from the Nam Ha prison after been given ‘presidential amnesty.’ This comes after the President announced that three will be released, the other two haven’t been named. Vietnam has been arresting several pro-democracy protesters in recent months, including a Catholic priest. […]

Microsoft [kinda] forgives Vietnam

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The Vietnamese Government has signed a deal that would allow all their computers to have a legitimate copy of Windows. The Minister of Finance had signed a deal for Microsoft Office last year during his trip to Microsoft. According to CNN, 90% of software used is pirated and are for sale for just 50 cents. Steve Ballmer witnessed the event. Vietnam had introduced the Internet 10 years ago, and 15 […]

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