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Zune expands to new markets – brings movie rentals to Aussie gamers

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Big news from Redmond for gamers, and those who use their Xbox 360s as a media hub. Microsoft has decided to extend its Zune platform to more markets – despite the fact that the Zune player is only available (officially) in the United States. “The integration between Zune, Windows Phone 7 and Xbox LIVE is an exciting expansion in our entertainment offerings,” Craig Eisler, Corporate VP of Interactive Entertainment Business […]

iPhone 4, meet the microwave

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Get ready for some more iPhone 4 carnage – and if you don’t like seeing the iPhone 4 being destroyed, you should look away. Instead of meeting the blades of a blender, it faces the burning power of the microwave. Put in the microwave for 62 minutes and one second, and on full power, the iPhone does really make a nice crispy sound when microwaving. And yes, it does get […]

Apple announces Bondi Store opening

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Apple is set to open the doors to its Bondi Junction store on May 28 – the same day the iPad will be released – at the good time of 8am. How do we know this? Well, a little invite popped into a message box with the details: The Apple Store Bondi is the best place to learn about all the latest products from Apple, including the magical new iPad™ […]

Sony invests more in 3D … in music videos?

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First movies, then sporting events and now music videos? Sony has shown their commitment in pushing 3D to our eyes, despite the numerous risks outlined by some medical professionals, by creating 3D music video and premiering it in Australia. The first video honours have been given to the Rouge Traders with their new single, and theme anthem for the Socceroos, Hearts Beat as One – which most likely ties with […]

Review : Sony Bloggie MHS-PM5K

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Who would have thought that a HD camera could be so small these days? First the Flip does it and now many other competitors are lining up trying to take a stake in that market; and Sony is no exception with its Bloggie camera line – the model we got is the MHS-PM5K, and we did a piece on it during our CES 2010 coverage. Now it has landed in […]

Licence required to upload videos in Italy under new law

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A new law proposed by the Italian Government could see the citizens of Italy requiring a licence to upload videos to the Internet from the Communications Ministry, which could reduce the freedom of communications, according to lawmakers opposed to the new law. If the law passes, this would make Italy the only country in Europe and the Western world to require government approval to upload videos — even as simple […]

Video: Internet Porn & You

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From the creators of “Texting Your Way To Love“, Current.TV has a brand new technology-related video – about your relationship with internet pornography. Video is below.

New Microsoft Ad #2 – It gets even weirder

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After Stewart posting the first Microsoft ad featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld – there happens to be another one, launched today. This new one features them connecting with “real people”, to show that Microsoft has connected with over a billion people. Video is below:

Vid : Texting Your Way To Love

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Current.TV’s SuperNews! has been the major source of tech parodies on the internet, and this one is no different. Follow these steps and you can get some love just by texting – that or lose your virginity/have sex.

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