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Vid : “You Bastard, you’ve summoned the fail whale!”

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SuperNews has been the source of many technology cultural identities, and this one is no different. Featuring Twitter, it paints it in a hilarious light saying that it is so addictive and so useless. It is pretty funny, and it features the very popular (and hated) Fail Whale.

Vid : The greatest way to destroy data on your hard drive

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The greatest way to destroy that valuable data on your hard drive. While don’t recommend that you get one of these (since it is very expensive), it is the only way to make sure that your data is unrecoverable, unless you want to leave your computer on for a couple of hours or days reformatting the drive 100 times.

(m)Apple featured on The Simpsons

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So, apparently Apple, or should I say Mapple, was featured on The Simpsons last night on American television, and apparently we learnt something about the founder Steve Mobs – which was the best part since Bart was dubbing it – that he bought shares in Microsoft and he and his boyfriend Bill Gates were kissing in a pile of your money. But the line “You think you’re cool because you […]

Will it blend?

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The guys from Blendtec did a video about bending stuff that you wouldn’t blend in your blender. This time, they used some various parts of the IT infrastructure. This included… Windows Vista Ultimate Mighty Mouse for the Mac A SUSE Linux plushie A USB Storage Drive Blades Various Computer Parts Dolls [Representing the users] Red Bull Here is the video…

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