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Sony invests more in 3D … in music videos?

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First movies, then sporting events and now music videos? Sony has shown their commitment in pushing 3D to our eyes, despite the numerous risks outlined by some medical professionals, by creating 3D music video and premiering it in Australia. The first video honours have been given to the Rouge Traders with their new single, and theme anthem for the Socceroos, Hearts Beat as One – which most likely ties with […]

Apple faces antitrust review on coding restrictions

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Apple might be in trouble with its restrictions after all, and it took them this long? Reports coming from the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission are looking in beginning who will be taking on Apple on an antitrust complaint on developing applications for the iPhone – the main question, however, is who will it be? After the launch of the SDK for iPhone OS 4, it made […]

Twelve year old spends more than $1,400 on FarmVille

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Here’s an interesting story. A twelve year old kid from the UK has managed to spend £905 (or around AU$1489) in purchasing virtual coins on a little Facebook game called FarmVille, most of it, or £625, using his mother’s credit card after emptying his savings account. And his mother isn’t pleased with that. Those not introduced to FarmVille, it is basically a game where you raise up virtual livestock and […]

Interview: More questions from Nokia’s Purnima Kochikar

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We sent some more questions before we published our interview with Nokia’s Purnima Kochikar, Vice President of Forum Nokia; but we didn’t get them answered before today. So, here is (what we deem) Part Two of the e-mail interview with her. Q. The Qt UI framework makes it easier for applications to be built for both mobile and desktop computers. What do you see are the benefits of this, and […]

Apple parts maker confirms workers poisoning

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Taiwanese manufacturer Wintek, the manufacturer that makes LCD screens and components for Apple and Nokia, has confirmed that more of its workers in China have become ill after being exposed to chemicals than it previously reported. According to Global Post, 62 of the employees have became ill after a report that ran on state-controlled media – 15 more than it was reported – that were exposed to chemicals last summer; […]

Massage Vest: The most outrageous controller ever?

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Ever wanted to play a fighter game such as Tekken 2 with a Massage Vest? No? Of course you haven’t but now you can thanks to a student project first thought of in 2007. The vest, dubbed the “Massage Me” has been shown at several electronic exhibitions and has been given a lot of praise. The device is very simple, the controls are scattered in patterns over the vest which […]

Another game banned in Australia

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It seems as if the Australian Classification Office of Film and Literature are just trying to fry everyone’s bacon. Just recently after CrimeCraft’s overall ban in Australia and Left 4 Dead 2’s modified version, Aliens vs. Predator has been banned from store shelves. Explaining why it was banned, the board said the gameplay included explicit decapitation, dismemberment as well as stabbing through the chest, throat, eyes and mouth. To stay […]

Guitar Hero 6 is already in development

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Just a couple of months after the launch of Guitar Hero 5, rock group ‘Tesla’ have confirmed in an interview with that their song ‘Modern Day Cowboy’. Activision as well, has just released information during an investor’s call that they will be releasing the next Guitar Hero game in 2010.

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