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OPINION: The search for a simple UI

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Maybe I’m going mad, as evident in the following opinion piece which, to be honest, is more of a statement than a opinion piece, but I’ve recently been loving minimalist UI’s. I wouldn’t include the Windows 8 Metro UI “minimalism,” which I feel is a little information-overload and wasted space, and is also just not good for desktop-use, but actual distraction-free UI where you get just the basics. No overload, […]

Turns out… Windows Phone 7 Series brings in new guidelines

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While Windows Phone 7 Series is a great phone and all, carriers and mobile manufacturers are set to see Microsoft dictating what can and cannot be done with their phones running the OS, after starting from scratch, in order to keep some consistency with the phones. According to MSFTKitchen, Microsoft has told manufacturers to not install their own user interfaces and keep the original – dubbed “Metro”. As well, they […]

Gesture Cube brings UI to a new level… with gestures

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A new prototype from a group of German companies could have found a replacement to the touchscreen – using hand gestures? Called the Gesture Cube, the prototype will be able to translate hand movements that are close to the screen (or screens) into commands for the device. You will, however, still need to touch a switch or button to activate the task – but using your hands to just increase […]