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Concept merges USB drive with AA battery

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Ever needed a battery at the last minute? Well, one can now be in your pocket at all times. A new concept found by Yanko Design has merged the AA battery and a USB drive, allowing you to power your devices and store files with ease. What’s even great is that it is a rechargeable battery, via its USB port, meaning that you can keep constantly using the battery/USB drive, […]

USB memory sticks – Utility or fashion accessory?

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I recently received an email containing several pictures of USB memory sticks, or Flash Drives as they are sometimesknown.  But these weren’t your average personal storage or transport of important information……these were novelty! A search then ensued and I was astounded by the different amount of odd and also useful styles. Check out my findings after the break.

LaCie brings out XtremKey, resistant to almost any thing

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You can place it on a flame that is 200°C, take it on a -50°C day or even drop it from five metres – and no, it’s not a brick. Turns out, it is a USB – in particular, the newly announced LaCie XtremKey. Offering industrial-strength protection, it literally is a USB inside a metal tube. According to LaCie, it is constructed with a metal alloy that is composed of […]