Topic / URL Shortening,, and – get ready for more weird URLs

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OK, while the four we mentioned in the title will just redirect you to this site, is a new URL shortening service that, like so many other services, allow it easier for you to send links without using the entire URL (like this one, try fitting this in 140 characters on Twitter). You can test it out by clicking on this link: http://LNK.BY/ac5 (Don’t worry, it will just link […]

Need the shortest URL possible?

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Need to shorten the URL for someone, but think that TinyURL or are just too long? Now there’s another guy in the crowded market, but it says it provides the “Shortest URLs on Earth”. Wow, how are you going to do that? By one letter? Well, sort of. Introducing While that is the landing page, that is not the actual domain. It would be: http://➡.ws. No, we are […]

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