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#facepalm: Teen boasts drunk driving on Facebook, gets arrested soon after

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Image by Zack Sheppard/Flick (CC) Because it is so hot in Melbourne (and pretty much most of southern Australia), here is something to laugh at to keep you distracted from the heat. A teenager from Oregon, USA was arrested for hitting two cars whilst drunk. So how did they manage to catch him? Because he decided to boast about it on Facebook. You see, this teenager Jacob Cox-Brown thought it […]

Bing introduces political bias filter for election news

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Well, that’s something to differentiate yourself with Google. In its election coverage, Bing has introduced an option to filter out election news that disagrees or agrees with your political leanings. So, if you don’t like seeing the New York Times and NBC News because they are biased to the left; or Fox News and Washington Times because they’re biased to the right, now you don’t have to see it. This […]

REACTIONS: Apple wins US$1.05 billion from Samsung

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In what is clearly a damaging loss to Samsung, the jury in the American part of the Apple vs Samsung battle has ruled in favour of Apple and its claims that Samsung had infringed on its intellectual property, and awarded at least $1.049 billion in damages. The jury found that Samsung infringed on Apple’s utility patents on some products, wilful infringement on five of six patents, and upheld that Samsung […]

FunnyJunk lawyer: Oatmeal lawsuit wasn’t “unreasonable”, wants fundraiser shutdown

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If you do something bad on the Internet that everybody doesn’t like, then probably you should reconsider – like I don’t know, suing an artist that had issues with your site because you have stolen material from that website. Well, FunnyJunk, who is suing The Oatmeal, now wants to take down the fundraiser. For those who haven’t heard of it: FunnyJunk basically is a wall of funny images – many […]

Nokia sues HTC, RIM and Viewsonic over patent infringement

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Nokia has launched a whole bunch of lawsuits against HTC, RIM and Viewsonic, claiming that they violate (collectively) 45 of Nokia’s patents. It has not revealed what patents each case entails, but all the cases are either in the US or in Germany. It has filed its US cases against HTC with the International Trade Commission, and HTC and Viewsonic in the Federal District Court in Delaware. In Germany, it […]

US Court rules that lying on social media sites is not criminal

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Image: steakpinball/Flickr (Creative Commons) If you were like many, you would have signed up to Google when you were a ‘minor’, you were until recently breaking the terms of service (and yes, who knew). Well, you are no longer a criminal because a US court has ruled that lying on social media websites isn’t an offence under the law. So, all those profiles with fake ages and birthdays won’t send […]

MPAA chief hints of SOPA/PIPA revival

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Image: Skye Suicide/Flickr (Creative Commons) The controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act could find themselves back in the spotlight again, with the chief of the Motion Picture Association of America hinting at a possible revival of the bills. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, MPAA chief Christopher Dodd told the magazine that he was “confident” that President Obama’s relationship with Silicon Valley and Hollywood would […]

NASDAQ website down by DDOS

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Image: bfishadow/Flickr (Creative Commons) A online hacktivist group has taken down the website of the NASDAQ stock exchange – and at the time of writing, the site remains down. However, the group has said that their servers were not hacked and that trading systems were not affected. “The website wasn’t hacked, nobody got any information. What they did was try to block access for our users,” a spokesperson told Reuters. […]

Google/Motorola tie-up approved by US Department of Justice, European Commission

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Both the European Commission and the Department of Justice in the United States have cleared a deal that will see Google and Motorola finally tie the knot, after the US$12.5 billion deal was announced last August. In Europe, the European Commission approved the deal with no conditions after evaluating that the deal will not “significantly impede effective competition” in the Eurozone. . However, it will continue to monitor the situation […]

HOW TO watch the Daily Show, Colbert Report abroad with no VPN

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If you were like me, you were pretty upset when ABC had to pull The Daily Show and the Colbert Report from air after Foxtel acquired exclusivity of the two. And in Australia, the only way to watch them was via Foxtel or acquire it via different means. But, their geoblock is not like the ones you see on Hulu. It has a weak spot, which we have found. The […]

Kodak files for bankruptcy – now who will buy its patents?

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Kodak has announced that it and all of its subsidies have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, in a move to restructure the company “to focus on its most valuable business lines” after years of ignoring the rise of digital cameras. “Kodak is taking a significant step toward enabling our enterprise to complete its transformation,” Antonio M. Perez, CEO of Kodak, said in a statement. “After considering the advantages of […]

Who else is participating in the Jan 18 Blackout?

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Wikipedia and Reddit are not the only sites to black-out their website in protest of the PROTECT IP and Stop Online Piracy Acts that are running through the US Congress. Many other sites, including Destructoid, and Imgur will also participate. These sites will be participating in the black-out: Destructoid Major League Gaming (MLG) Red 5 Studios – shutting down Firefall beta. Every site under the “I Can Haz Cheezburger” […]

What is SOPA and PIPA (and why Wikipedia isn’t working)?

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Have you heard about the Stop Online Piracy Act, or the PROTECT IP Act? The tech industry is talking about it. And that could be because it hasn’t gotten any mainstream media attention until the White House publicly said it would not let it through if Congress passed it in its current form. But what is it? Why are Google and Facebook against it? Let’s get the background on what […]

2011 – A Year of Many Things: A recap of the big events of the year

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The year 2011 was one year that we will all never forget. Even though they were all in the beginning of the year, the floods in Queensland and Brazil, the earthquakes in Christchurch and the tsunami in the north of Japan are still present in all of our minds. We also saw the death of a tech luminary, Steve Jobs; and the powerful News Corporation losing its influence over politicians […]

Wikipedia ponders total blackout ahead of SOPA

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Wikipedia could have a total “blackout” – by blanking out every single page in the online encyclopedia, even the 1 million pages in the English version – as a protest to the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act, which is heading to the US Senate. The bill, which is designed to safeguard intellectual property through controversial means needs to pass the Senate Judiciary Committee before it will head to the full […]

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