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Inauguration causes record highs on the internet

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The Inauguration of President Barack Obama has become the busiest day of the internet since ever, as many people were trying to access the Inauguration content live from not only television, but live internet coverage from video to Twitter and live blogs. Akamai Technology has said that 7.7 million people watched the video streams hosted on their servers, a record for the company as nearly 2 million watch video streams […]

Technology stocks take huge beating after Congress rejects bailout package

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Shares of technology companies have taken a huge beating on Monday (US time) as the House of Representatives failed to pass a bailout plan for the financial sector, with the vote for the rejection was 228 to 205, with two-thirds of the Republicans rejecting the bill with a significant number of Democrats. More information can be found at The Journal. When the announcement happened, the shares on the Dow Jones […]