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Taiwanese company sends $1.5b threat to Apple over iPad name

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A contract manufacturer of monitors from Taiwan has threatened Apple with a potential lawsuit over the iPad name that could carry damages of up to US$1.5 billion, claiming that the so-called “global trademark” for the popular device does not include China. The company, Proview, claims that it has kept the rights of the iPad trademark in China, while selling the “global trademark” to Apple – though, it was through a […]

Rumour: Nintendo’s next console might be called the Zii after recent trademark

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After the recent filing of a trademark for the name Zii, speculation has occurred on the internet that it might be Nintendo’s next console. Although to contradict the above statement, Nintendo have also filed a trademark for Cii, Bii and Yii suggesting it be a protective trademark. Nintendo have also refused rumours that it may be a Wii HD. Stay tuned for more.

Apple thinks different on Woolworths new logo, challenges trademark

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Woolworths, the largest supermarket in Australia, is currently revamping its stores with its new brand, and will replace the iconic “Safeway” brand to bring it aligned with the other supermarkets it owns across Australia. The new logo has been described by its Woolworths as a stylised “W” with a leaf on top, but Apple sees differently. Apple has decided that it will challenge Woolworths trademark application – submitted in August […]

iPhone faces trademark dispute in China

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While Apple is reported to be in talks with China Unicom to offer the iPhone in China, where it hopes to get the device sold in that country within the next year or so; talks of a trademark dispute over the word “iPhone” could be a hurdle in selling the device. The company, Hanwang Technology, owns the trademark “i-phone” – and that could make it illegal for Apple to sell […]

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