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Oz TiVo plays catch up – allow you to order pizza too

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According to the Australian Financial Review, Seven is negotiating a deal with Domino’s Pizza that will, similar to the deal already announced in the US, allow TiVo owners to order pizzas through the TiVo box – meaning that we don’t have to leave home to get the car started and drive to the store to get it picked up (unless you get it delivered). Seven has recently started picking up […]

Oz TiVo gets some interactivity – finally

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While its not video on demand, streaming movies from Netflix, skipping advertisings or any other cool features that were taken out of the TiVo box when it came to Australia; we might be getting them soon. Thanks with the Seven Media Group’s efforts, they announced that they have struck a deal with Blockbuster to give owners of the TiVo here in Australia a free movie every week – sent via […]

TiVo users rejoice – Netflix is coming

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Joining the Roku, various Blu-Ray players and the Xbox 360; TiVo has announced that it will support streaming movies from Netflix via its Watch Instantly service. It will be avaliable now to thousands of households that will be beta testers, with it going full-scale in “early December” – good news is that there is no additional fees other than your TiVo and Netflix subscriptions. TiVo users also have access to […]

TiVo comes to Australia – get ready for a battle

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The battle of the DVRs has begun, with Seven bringing out the TiVo to compete with the Foxtel’s iQ – claiming it would help bypass pay-TV subscriptions – whatever that means. But the new machine, which has a RRP of $699, will have limited content due to the fact that we don’t have enough content on the free-to-air channels. TiVo’s main success is where that channels from FTA, Cable and […]

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