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You can now buy ‘The Internet’ from Etsy

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In another installment of our semi-recurring series “Things Found on Etsy“, you can own the entire Internet – usually found on the top of Big Ben, for the best reception – from the Elders of the Internet, so you can impress your friends and shareholders. Its surprisingly small, and is completely wireless. Yeah, I can’t keep this up. This is a fan-made recreation of the famous “The Internet” box from […]

Things Found on Etsy: River Song’s TARDIS Journal

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Another day, another thing found on Etsy – the home of the handmade, the vintage and predominantly very geeky. And today, this might be essential for any Doctor Who fan. It is River Song’s Journal from Doctor Who. We would tell you what is inside, but spoilers! Actually, there’s nothing inside it. It is like any other blank journal for you to write your own thoughts. The journal has 50 […]

Things Found on Etsy: Polyjuice Potion Flask

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Since it is nearing Christmas, we decided to search the wonderful world of Etsy to find some of the most geeky gifts out there. And here’s another one, inspired by the Harry Potter book series. Say hello to the Polyjuice Potion flask (potion not included). Made from stainless steel, it can hold up to 5 ounces of any liquid. The flask also features a hand-made and hand-distressed “Polyjuice Potion” label […]

Things Found on Etsy: A Star Trek-inspired Nerf Gun

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Oh, we’re back. Here’s another thing we found on Etsy – an online marketplace filled with the handmade, the niche and vintage. This time, it’s a Nerf gun. But it isn’t just any Nerf gun, it’s a Type 3-A Phaser Rifle from Star Trek Nerf gun. Apologies for any Star Trek fans, but I haven’t seen the series so I have no idea what that basically is, but I’m assuming […]

Things Found on Etsy: Companion Cube Ceramic Coin Bank

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Another week, another thing found on Etsy. Basically, for those not in the know, this is a semi-regular feature we have on the site to find the weird, geeky and wonderful products on Etsy, a community for artistic people to sell their own hand-made goods. And this time, we’re going for one of the most popular objects in one of the most popular games ever made – the Companion Cube. […]

Things Found on Etsy: Doctor Who Pillows!

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Doctor Who ends its five-part run this week on ABC1 (it comes back for the annual Christmas special and another run of episodes next year), and why not feature some Doctor Who-themed items. Especially these ones – pillows of the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor, which might be handy when you want to re-watch Blink. These 14-inch tall by 11-inch wide pillows are hand-made and are securely stitched using anti pill […]

Things Found on Etsy: Hogwarts 16oz Glasses

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In the past, we’ve covered some things found on Etsy – that little website that lets creators sell their goods, and many of them are usually very geeky. I’ve decided to bring it back a tad bit, since we haven’t been emphasising much on the geek part of the website. And what a way to bring it back with some Hogwarts glasses. These 16oz pint glasses each have a sandblasted […]

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