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Apple teases that “tomorrow is a day…you’ll never forget.”

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If you have been a little late with the news today, Apple has placed a big, full-screen-sized image on their homepage, indicating a major change is about to arrive on iTunes. Many speculate this to be a Beatles-announcement that they have arrived on iTunes, while others believe this event will allow people to stream their libraries. Unlike other events, Apple has posted times for California, New York, London and Tokyo […]

Beatles Collector’s Box comes with iPod – too bad songs aren’t on iTunes Store

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Beatles fans, get ready to spend big this Christmas season, even though you have rising gas prices, the financial markets are in a downward spiral and you might want to pay off that house mortgage. Anyway, Bloomingdales are selling a Limited Edition Ultimate Collection Box: Beatles iPod Set, containing all 13 albums, two masters and the “Love” CD – all of those albums won’t be on the iTunes Store. It […]