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Thailand court orders blocking access of 72 gaming websites after boy suicide

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The Criminal Court in Thailand has ordered that 72 websites relating to online gambling or sites offering any form of games be blocked, after the death of a 12-year-old boy who jumped off from a balcony, six floors above the ground, in his school after being banned from playing computer games by his father. The order affects all ISPs, which will be now forced to prevent access to their websites […]

Censorship lists from Thailand and Denmark leaked as Australian Govt. delays trial

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Secret lists of websites in two countries have been leaked online to Wikileaks, a known site for publishing secret information and putting it to the public, as the Australian Government has announced that they will delay the live trial of the controversial internet filtering scheme that would, according to experts, cripple our internet connection. Denmark’s list of 3863 websites was published yesterday onto Wikileaks, and is to believed to contain […]

YouTube unblocked in Thailand

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According to BoingBoing, Thailand has no longer banned YouTube. Speculation is that Thailand unblocked it as YouTube was willing to block specific access to some clips. The videos in question contained material offensive to the King, Bhumibol Adulyadej. In Thailand, Insulting the monarchy is against the law.

Jailed for 15 years?

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The Thai Government is taking legal action [or sue] YouTube for lese majeste. This includes a 15 year jail term. This comes after a Swiss man was jailed for insulting the monarchy and banned YouTube. The site contained videos of insulting the king. The King, currently Bhumibol Adulyadej, is well respected in Thailand. He is also the longest reigning monarch. Thailand is one of a few countries that have laws […]

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