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Apple working on iPhone SMS security vulnerability

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Apple is working round the clock in fixing a security hole in the iPhone operating system that could allow an attacker to remotely have root access to the device and install and run unsigned software code that could potentially allow your iPhone to be part of a botnet. The new security hole was found by Charles Miller, security researcher and co-author of the Mac Hacker’s Handbook, at the SySan Conference […]

Wisconsin student arrested for refusing to stop texting at school

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A 14-year-old girl in Wisconsin has been arrested by the police and charged with disorderly conduct for refusing to stop texting during a maths class and ignoring a teacher’s demand to stop. According to the Smoking Gun, the girl (and the photo on the left is not her) has not been named. When she got confronted by the school security officer, she denied having a phone, but it was then […]

In Nigeria – HIV means “I Luv U” in SMS?

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You hear a beep from your mobile phone, saying that you have a new text message. You open it up and it begins with “I swear, I will make sure I give you HIV”. Not to sound insensitive, but HIV (in this story) does not mean what you think it means, and it is not an threat. The BBC is reporting that the message is a ‘romantic’ text message in […]

Vid : Texting Your Way To Love

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Current.TV’s SuperNews! has been the major source of tech parodies on the internet, and this one is no different. Follow these steps and you can get some love just by texting – that or lose your virginity/have sex.

SMS updates gone for Australian, European users

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Twitter users in Europe and Australia will no longer receive text message updates on their mobile phones on their service, in a move to keep the telecom bills down. This action is temporary, but it is unknown when will it be back. However, users can use the UK number (+44 762 480 1423) to send updates to the site, but won’t give any updates to users. Twitter has also recommended […]

O2 plugs security hole in MMS

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O2 in the UK has plugged the security hole after it caused a storm of people angry with the service after it had been revealed that photos sent by MMS can be found with a simple Google search. MMS messages are sent to its web server if the recipient does not have a compatible phone – like the iPhone 3G – and the recipient will receive a URL so that […]

Pope sends 1st txt msg.

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The Pope has sent his first text message to thousands of World Youth Day pilgrims who had sign up to receive messages of divine "direction"; with Telstra erecting eight temporary base stations to allow pilgrims to send text messages to their friends and family. As well, four giant digital "prayer walls" have been erected at four sites, the Opera House, the Domain, Darling Harbour and Randwick Racecourse. Those who have […]

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