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Vodafone class action lawsuit grows – gains 23,000 claimants

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Vodafone could be facing a huge problem as the class action lawsuit bid over its poor network reception has now grown to 23,000 claimants with more litigants coming forward since the start of the campaign earlier in December last year. The last update on numbers we had were 9,000 in January.

Review: Motorola DEFY

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The Motorola DEFY has landed in Australia. One of the latest offerings on the Telstra’s network, the phone features a five megapixel camera and a chassis unlike other Android offerings from all carriers.¬†However, is it a good phone compared to the rest of the Android phones, such as HTC’s Desire HD? Or does it fall flat on its knees? Our verdict of the phone is after the jump.

Review : LG Optimus

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When we got the phone in our grubby hands, it was a Telstra exclusive. Days later, it was a phone on all carriers. This is the LG Optimus, one of two running on Android, and the only one here in Australia. However, with rival carriers Optus and Vodafone/3 carrying the phone on a cheaper plan than Telstra’s, is this phone a budget phone or a full-fledged phone? As well, how […]

NextG sees price drops

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Telstra has dropped the pricing of its NextG 3G service – with its number of plans being reduced. Now, the starting plan will be 400MB – effectively removing the 200MB plan, and removed the speed crippled plans that use 256Kbps. A brand new addition is that there is now a 10GB plan, costing 129.95/month; and most plans have dropped between $10-$20, but even with the changes, the prices are still […]

3 to use Next G to fill in gaps

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3 will now extend its 2100MHz network after making an agreement with Telstra to allow roaming on its 850MHz Next G Network. Until now, customers on 3 have only been allowed to use their network for 3G, and anyone who roamed outside of that would be using Telstra’s 2G network. While the carrier will be extending its coverage, it will also provide Telstra’s coverage if a customer roams into an […]

Well look at that – Next G is now a barcode scanner

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Tomorrow, Telstra will be pushing out a new software update to half a million customers that will see their camera being used as a barcode reader. The new software will be supported by a couple of phones on their line-up, including Nokia’s 6120 and N95. The new software works like this: You would see a barcode and you would scan it and it will direct you to a relevant web […]

Switchoff decision now falls to someone else

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Senator Helen Coonan, the Communications Minster, will no longer decide the fate of Telstra’s CDMA connection. After launching their ‘Next G’ network, the government intervened when Telstra wanted to switched off the CDMA. Now, the power falls to the Attorney-General, Philip Ruddock; giving him full control on how and when it will shut it down. Ruddock also said that he approves of the latest changes to Telstra’s license. Now Telstra […]

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