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Are Australia’s 3G networks really 4G? It’s complicated…

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Apple has today claimed that Australia’s 3G networks are actually 4G networks if compared to international standards, and that our carriers have simply mislabelled them. And while we may ponder what was in their lawyer’s head when he made that statement, the 4G issue is, well, really complicated. First, let’s explore what each carrier uses. At a base level, all carriers support UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) as their 3G […]

Vodafone class action lawsuit grows – gains 23,000 claimants

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Vodafone could be facing a huge problem as the class action lawsuit bid over its poor network reception has now grown to 23,000 claimants with more litigants coming forward since the start of the campaign earlier in December last year. The last update on numbers we had were 9,000 in January.

Telstra to get Motorola Atrix, Xperia Play and Xoom Tablet?

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According to one blog, Telstra is set to launch an onslaught of brand new phones – especially those from Mobile World Congress and CES – sometime in the middle of April and all through May. These phones include the new Motorola Atrix smartphone and the XOOM tablet. Telling AusDroid, an anonymous source has stated that the Samsung Galaxy Ace will be heading to the carrier’s customers in mid-April, while the […]