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Apple to upgrade MacBook Pro, iMacs in 2011

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RUMOUR MILL: Apple is no stranger to rumours, and a new one has emerged coming from Taiwan that claims that Apple will be refreshing its MacBook Pros and iMac lines sometime in the first half of 2011, citing sources from component makers. Digitimes claims that Apple is expected to launch at least four new upgraded MacBook Pros that include a slight change in the chassis and upgraded to Mac OS […]

Taiwanese company sends $1.5b threat to Apple over iPad name

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A contract manufacturer of monitors from Taiwan has threatened Apple with a potential lawsuit over the iPad name that could carry damages of up to US$1.5 billion, claiming that the so-called “global trademark” for the popular device does not include China. The company, Proview, claims that it has kept the rights of the iPad trademark in China, while selling the “global trademark” to Apple – though, it was through a […]

China, Taiwan, HK get Chinese language domains

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With all the hoopla over the .xxx domain name, we forgot to report on this interesting topic. ICANN also approved the use of Chinese language top-level domains (TLD) for China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. From today, alongside their Latin alphabet-based TLDs, China will have .中国 and .中國, Hong Kong will have .香港 and Taiwan will have .台灣 and .台湾. China and Taiwan have two domain names because one is written […]

Google redirects China domain to Hong Kong

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Google has acted on its threat of shutting down by redirecting all traffic from that domain to its Hong Kong localised version, which effectively means that all Chinese results will be uncensored – unlike the mainland version because of strict laws regarding censorship. Previously, searches for Falun Gong and the Taiwanese independence were controversial topics that were often censored by localised versions. Like Google, Bing China and Yahoo China […]

Apple parts maker confirms workers poisoning

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Taiwanese manufacturer Wintek, the manufacturer that makes LCD screens and components for Apple and Nokia, has confirmed that more of its workers in China have become ill after being exposed to chemicals than it previously reported. According to Global Post, 62 of the employees have became ill after a report that ran on state-controlled media – 15 more than it was reported – that were exposed to chemicals last summer; […]

Bureau warns ‘tainted discs’ in Taiwan

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Portable hard drives created and produced by US-based Seagate Technology have been found with a Trojan, according to the Taipei Times. The trojan automatically upload files placed on the hard drive to Beijing websites, the Investigation Bureau said. Around 1,800 hard drives, produced in Thailand, contained two Trojan files, autorun.inf and ghost.pif; which uploads to 2 Beijing websites, and, without the user’s consent. These affected are Maxtor Basics […]

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