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TECHGEEK Podcast 14: OMG! There’s another body!

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Yes, apparently Google is into shooting photos of dead people as photos of the dead appeared on Google Street View. Ouch. As well, Motorola gets sued by Microsoft, Facebook lets you download everything you ever uploaded or wrote on Facebook, and MySpace brings out a craptastic new logo. As well, we bring out a new TECHGEEK Tips episode hosted by Terence and Chris, and the individual episode gets released on […]

Review : TEGA Tablet V1

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Watch out iPad! Here is Australia’s first home grown tablet PC from TegaTech. It features a 10.2 inch touch screen, Intel Atom N450 processor, 2GB of RAM, 160GB SATA Harddrive with Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate pre-installed (optional). It also includes an optional 3G card. With the assistance of a stylus, you can type or even handwrite words, numbers, web addresses straight onto the screen with ease. However, using fingers didn’t […]

Samsung releases their version of the iPad

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Good news, Samsung’s tablet, the Galaxy Tab, was officially released last night though It was not like we didn’t know that it was coming as it was spotted on a Sydney Train around a week ago. Samsung said that the tablet is planned for release in Q4 of 2010 and should be available before Christmas.