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TECHGEEK Weekly 38: That’ll be $78 Trillion, please

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James Wilson, holding his new partner at the iPad 2 Launch (Image: Stewart Wilson/ Despite the fact that Tom, James and Stewart aren’t on, the TECHGEEK Weekly Podcast still lives on, and we discuss the launch of the iPad 2, talk about the BlackBerry Playbook to come with Android applications and the fact that Duke Nukem Forever is delayed (again!). We also find out that Tom, James and Stewart really […]

Dell adds 7-inch tablet to Streak line, adds 4G

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Dell’s press conference also unveiled the Dell Streak 7, its new tablet offering as part of its Streak line. Now running Android 2.2, the tablet will take advantage of US carrier T-Mobile’s 4G network, allowing users to download content at near-broadband speeds. The Streak 7 is, obviously, a 7-inch tablet that also features a NVIDIA Tegra dual-core processor, and the screen is protected with Gorilla Glass. It also features Wi-Fi, […]

Motorola brings out the CLIQ 2 – merges corporate features with social networking

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Motorola has announced some brand new phones out at its CES 2011 press conference – including its successor to the CLIQ (DEXT outside of the US), titled the CLIQ 2. The phone will feature a 3.7-inch touchscreen with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, and as the leaks foretold, it will have a honeycomb-inspired layout for the keyboard. The phone will not only be on the 3G network, but will be part […]

Motorola new Android smartphone leaked

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It may be old news, but while we were out of action for the New Year holiday, turns out there were leaked images of a new Motorola phone, after being retrieved by Cell Phone Signal. The phone, called the Cliq 2, is to be the successor to the first incarnation of the Cliq brand, or known in Australia as the DEXT. The new Cliq 2 will feature a 5 megapixel […]

TECHGEEK Podcast 10: We are currently in negotiations

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Yes. We have a government. And it’s Julia Gillard. James Wilson is still pretty pissed about that, but we are moving on with the show with a lot of Apple news, discussion on XP and dispel or add to the iPad 2.0 rumour. On the show this time with Terence, Tom and Stewart is James Wilson – after a long hiatus – and bringing his colourful (we’re not using the […]

Apple to open iPhone to more US carriers – but not the iPhone 4

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RUMOUR MILL: Looks like the iPhone may be expanding to more carriers than AT&T in the US with Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile USA possibly getting some iPhones to sell later this month. Well, that is if a tweet by Wired editor-in-chief Chris Anderson is proven correct, quoting a manager. However, don’t get your hopes up. It’s not the latest, and most problematic, iPhone 4; but will instead be the predecessor, the […]

Windows Phone 7 brings new UI, Xbox LIVE integration

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It’s official. Windows Phone 7 has been announced at Mobile World Congress – albeit, we are a bit late on the news. The phone will bring a “fresh approach to phone software, distinguished by smart design and truly integrated experiences that bring to the surface the content people care about from the Web and applications.” The version 7 is most likely to tie it in with Windows 7 for desktops […]

Mobile operators unite to bring global apps store

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Twenty-four telecom operators – including Vodafone, SingTel, China Unicom, China Telecom, Telenor, TeleSonera, Sprint, T-Mobile, Orange , AT&T and Verizon Wireless – have announced that they will form together a group known as the Wholesale Applications Community. The group will have the backing of the GSMA consortium and will be backed by LG Electronics, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. The group was founded on a goal to “establish a simple route […]

iPhone may end AT&T exclusivity to be on all carriers

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RUMOUR MILL: iPhone users in America might not need to subscribe to the AT&T network as Apple is planning to release the iPhone to all US mobile carriers within the next 18 months ahead of its announcement where the much-rumoured Apple Tablet is expected to be revealed. This would end the exclusive deal with AT&T and could double or triple the number of devices sold, according to an analyst at […]

Google reveals the Nexus One

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You knew it was coming – all the leaks and blog posts from all over the blogosphere – but now it has been confirmed and unveiled. Google has now made a mobile phone. Called the Nexus One, it is a HTC-produced phone that will run on Android 2.1 and will be sold by Google on its website, or by T-Mobile in the US. Verizon Wireless, another US carrier, along with […]

T-Mobile, Orange to merge UK operations

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Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom have announced plans to merge their UK operations, branded as T-Mobile and Orange respectively, to form the largest mobile phone operator, pushing current market leader O2, owned by Telefonica, from the top. According to both companies, the deal would generate estimated cost savings of over €4 billion, or US$5.7 million, and both companies will run as separate brands for 18 months while a review on […]

Introducing… the T-Mobile G1

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The Google Android OS has been released, and here is the first phone that will be using it – the T-Mobile G1. Announced at a press conference in New York, it is set to launch on October 22 for US$179 on a two-year contract, or US$399 contract-free. Existing customers will be getting it first, before giving it out to new customers. However, those in the UK will get this phone […]

OMG : T-Mobile releases picture of first Android phone

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The announcement happens to be tomorrow, but T-Mobile in the US just couldn’t help themselves but to release a picture of the phone. Don’t get me wrong, the phone looks great – I just want there to be an element of surprise and shock like Apple does, even though the leak photos were true. Stupid T-Mobile. [Source: Engadget]

T-Mobile to sell new iPhone from 1 euro

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Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile has said that they will be selling the iPhone for 1 euro, or $1.54 in the US. But, the total price is not 1 euro – you will get a 69 euro monthly contract with it; bringing the full total to 70 euros. The 16GB version will sell for 19.95 euros, but will come with a data plan costing 89 euros per month, but will go up […]

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