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Intel and Nokia to merge mobile OS to create MeeGo

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Intel and Nokia have decided to announce during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that they will be merging their not-yet-finished, Linux-based mobile OSs into one – and they have called it the MeeGo. While we don’t know which parts of Intel’s Moblin and Nokia’s Maemo will be dropped or present in MeeGo, expect this to be (according to the press release anyways) a variety of devices, “including pocketable mobile […]

Rumour: N-Series to drop Symbian for Maemo

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RUMOUR MILL: Nokia might be ditching the recently open-sourced Symbian OS to its new Linux-based Maemo OS for all of its future N-Series phones, the high end and feature-packed phones in its entire phone line-up; according to one little slip up by its marketing team at an official meet-up for the N900. Turns out, this might be a smart move by the Finnish mobile maker, as the current OS, Symbian […]

New Flash player finally brings full support to mobile devices – except the iPhone

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Adobe will announce tomorrow at this year’s MAX conference, Adobe’s worldwide developers conference, that it has secured partnerships with Research in Motion (RIM), Windows Mobile, Palm and Google to roll out full Flash capabilities, similar to what you can see on your desktop, to various products and their respective platforms. The technology will be rolled out to Windows Mobile phones and Palm’s webOS devices later in the year, with public […]

Nokia buys Symbian

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Nokia has announced that it will aquire the remaining 52% of Symbian, the developers of the Series 60 operating system on many of Nokia’s phones. As well, it will also release the entire source code as Open Source, licensing it under the Eclipse Open Source License. Also, it will create a “Symbian Foundation”, which will allow mobile vendors and manufacturers to join and will oversee the company’s plan for an […]

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