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Sunde: “We lost” Pirate Bay trial

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The men connected with the file sharing website The Pirate Bay have been found of being accessories to copyright infringement by a Swedish court on Friday, according to The Local website. The win gives the entertainment industry, which have been battling the owners for years, a step in stopping music and movie piracy on the web. The four men, Fredrik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, Peter Sunde and Carl Lundström, have […]

Swedish server containing 65 terabytes of files seized

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Police in Sweden have raided an apartment and seized a giant computer server in an Stockholm suburb, according to an official said Saturday. According to Henrik Ponten, a spokesman for the Swedish Anti-Piracy Bureau, said that the server contained about 65 terabytes of files. This would equate to 16,000 full length movies. Ponten said that one suspect has been questioned, but was then released shortly afterwards; saying that the confiscation […]

Prosecutors drop 50% of charges against Pirate Bay owners

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The Pirate Bay’s trial still continues in Sweden, but now will face less charges than what was brought up the prosecutor – in fact, the charges were cut to half, as the serious charge of assisting in widespread copyright infringement was dropped. Co-defendant Fredrik Neij said that the prosecutor, Hakan Roswall, misunderstood the BitTorrent protocol technology, and the evidence simply did not mean that The Pirate Bay actually spread the […]