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TDK creates 320GB disc, stacks 10 layers on single disc

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TDK is known to push the boundaries in storage devices, as it showed of a possible 960GB laptop drive and a 3.2TB desktop drive – yeah, you heard that right. But in preparation of the CEATEC trade show in Japan, TDK has announced that it has now pushed the boundaries in the optical storage devices world with a 10-layer, 320GB disc, and it still looks like an ordinary disc.

The most expensive 16GB USB drive in the world

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If you go for the high-end, stylistic gadgets, then this one might interest your eye. Called the MNEMOSYNE, it is a 16 gigabyte USB storage cube that literally makes you disassemble it to actually get the USB drive which is inside the layers that make the cube – no, we are not kidding. Designed by Italy-based Japanese designers Toshi Satoji and Katsuya Masaki, each cube has a unique puzzle pattern […]

LaCie brings out 10TB network storage device

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LaCie has announced that it will be upgrading its 5big network storage device by creating a new 10TB version, among other new features – being the first company to bring out a device with that much of hard drive capacity. Among the new features includes support for Apple’s Time Machine and new multimedia functions that allows you to play your media on a Xbox 360 or PS3. It has also […]

Introducing a Story by Samsung

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Samsung has announced that it will be selling a new 1.5 terabyte external hard drive called the STORY Station, which is also claimed to be eco-friendly, to compete with the popular Western Digital MyBook (maybe the name got its influence from there as well). It also only using a USB 2.0 port, so if you want to use eSATA or FireWire, then you might want to try something else. The […]

Tell the time with a hard drive

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An interesting piece of work this is. This is a real hard drive being converted into a fully functional clock. While it doesn’t have the numbers, it does have the hour, minute and second hands; and is powered by one AA battery. But don’t think that he only made one, he has made another 16 (according to his profile) – so this could be a great geeky gift for your […]

Nerdy glasses just for the nerd inside of you

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These aren’t normal glasses, and they aren’t glasses at all. This gadget, while it would most likely make you a nerd if you hold them up to your face, is a 2GB USB bookmark – and yes, I know what you are thinking “What the Hell?” about this gadget. Apparently, its “geek chic silhouette” is to bring a iconic tribute to “nerd culture”, which is something I don’t understand. It […]

SanDisk showcases new USB flash drives

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CES 2009 : SanDisk has announced that it will bring a new USB that will allow you to backup your files, a revamp on its Cruzer USBs and a new the “Extreme Contour”, which provides “security protection and higher performance levels”, all packaged in a “sleek industrial design”. The new backup USB is called the Ultra Backup, and will have capacities between 8GB and 64GB. It will also have a […]

Floppy disk turned into USB – relive the 80s!

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Relive the 80s with the new Floppy Disk USB drive. No, we are not kidding. Basically, it has just been retrofitted to have a stand and some flash memory. As well, it has LED lights so you can actually tell if its working or not. The creator has even made a mock-up of it (see above). The good thing is that it recycles those old, ancient floppy disks and gives […]

Lenovo rolling out Olympic-themed USB drives

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Lenovo, one of the sponsors of the Beijing 2008 Olympics, has rolled out several USB drives after launching one that is made out of the same material as that of the Olympic Torch – and has the patterns as well. There are three versions of the new set; the Mascot series (the ones that are pictured) – which contains 6 colourful 4GB units for around US$30 a piece, the Medallion […]

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