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Facebook COO to join Disney Board of Directors

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Disney has nominated Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer for the largest social networking site Facebook, to become part of its Board of Directors as an independent board member. “Sheryl has been at the forefront of a technological revolution that’s opened up a world of new possibilities for consumers and which has greatly affected the way we do business. Her unique insight, born of great practical experience, will be of considerable […]

Guess what, Steve Jobs is the CEO of the decade

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Steve Jobs – owner of Apple, largest shareholder in Disney and now the CEO of the Decade? Well, that is what Fortune Magazine claims; and that might not be farfetched as it sounds. Steve Jobs returned to Apple in the 1990s after leaving Apple in the 1980s and transformed the Cupertino-based company around to become a powerful technology company – heck, their share price is beating Microsoft. Under Jobs’ helm, […]

Apple: Steve Jobs “is back to work”

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Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder and the chief executive, has returned to work on Monday after a five-month leave of absence for his medical problems, which included a liver transplant, in January of this year; according to the New York Times and Bloomberg. “Steve is back to work,” says Apple’s spokesman Steve Dowling, “We are very glad to have him back.” Jobs will be at work for a few days a […]

Get Steve Jobs in your home today!

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You can cuddle him, play with him in your fantasies and whisper any corporate secrets; and you must be a die-hard Apple fanboy or fangirl to have this chance to get Steve Jobs at your home. OK, he might not there in person, but you can get a plush version of him for only US$27.99. Completely handmade and wire glasses, he is only 43cm tall (or 17-inches). However, he is […]

SEC reviews Apple response over Jobs’ health

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Bloomberg is reporting that, according to a source “familiar” with the matter, that the US Securities and Exchange Commission is examining if Apple shareholders were misled from Apple’s response over its CEO’s, Steve Jobs, health; which has been a public matter since Jobs admitted that he had a “hormonal imbalance”. The source, who wasn’t named since this wasn’t made to the public yet, also said that while Apple is being […]

Steve Jobs’ health saga : Get over it!

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OPINION : As you may have read from this blog, and many other blogs around the world, about Steve Jobs and his hormonal imbalance, and that recently he took a medical leave of absence because his health became a bit more complex and that his health was distracting not only his family, but also those at Apple. And after that, we have gotten reports that he may get a liver […]

Bloomberg says Jobs going to get liver transplant

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NEWS IN BRIEF: Bloomberg is reporting that Steve Jobs is considering getting a liver transplant because of some complications with his treatment for his pancreatic cancer in 2004, according to “people who are monitoring his illness”. Jobs, who was contacted by Bloomberg, told the reporter “Why don’t you guys leave me alone – why is this important?”

Reuters quotes doctors who say that Jobs may have cancer again

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Reuters is quoting experts in pancreatic cancer, which Jobs previously had in 2004, who speculate that Apple’s Chief Executive Steve Jobs may have another round of cancer, either on another organ or in the pancreas again, basing this assumption on information that they got from public announcements made by Apple. It’s either that, or Jobs is “coping with side effects” of the 2004 surgery to remove the pancreatic cancer, and […]

Steve Jobs to take medical leave of absence; COO takes leadership

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Steve Jobs has said that he will be taking a medical leave of absence until June of 2009. While he previously said that he will not leave the company, he has said now that he has to leave as his health continues to be a distraction for his family and himself, but also everyone at Apple. He also indicates that his health issue, which was noted to be a hormone […]

Breaking : Jobs has hormonal imbalance, will get treatment

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Apple’s CEO and co-founder Steve Job has said that his doctors have discovered a hormonal imbalance that has been causing his weight loss; and will undergo a “relatively simple” treatment. “My doctors think they have found the cause—a hormone imbalance that has been “robbing” me of the proteins my body needs to be healthy. Sophisticated blood tests have confirmed this diagnosis,” he said in a letter released to the public. […]

Macworld 2009 last keynote for Apple, No Steve Jobs keynote

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Apple has announced, to the surprise to many, that the company’s presence at Macworld Expo in January will be the last it will appear, and that Steve Jobs will not present his usual keynote address, with his replacement being Phil Schiller, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing, presenting the last ever keynote that Apple will present. It said in a statement that: “Apple is reaching more people in more […]

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