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Ballmer: Windows 7 has sold 400 million licenses

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It looks like Microsoft has recovered from the car crash of Windows Vista, with Steve Ballmer announcing at their Worldwide Partner Conference that Windows 7 has sold 400 million licences since it’s birth in 2009. The new figure also brings Microsoft the title of the highest selling OS of all time. Also announced at the event was that Office 2010 has sold 100 million copies Corporate vice president and chief financial officer […]

DONE DEAL! Microsoft, Nokia officially sign WP7 pact

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It’s official. Nokia and Microsoft have signed the pact that would see Nokia, long struggling with its Symbian OS, use Windows Phone 7 with their brand feature new phones; among other joint contributions in order to improve the OS experience. The deal, according to Microsoft, was completed “ahead of schedule”. Microsoft and Nokia has also confirmed that Nokia is already in development of porting its key applications and services from […]

Nokia and Microsoft announces partnership – ditches Symbian for Windows Phone 7

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Nokia and Microsoft have announced that it will be partnering up with each other, seeing Nokia finally ditching its Symbian platform as its primary OS for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 – a huge move for both companies as both try to compete with Google and Apple. The news will also see Nokia assist Microsoft to drive the growth of Windows Phone 7, bringing to the partnership “its expertise on hardware […]

CES 2011: Microsoft Keynote Liveblog

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It’s that time of year again. It’s the Consumer Electronics Show, and will provide coverage of the massive tech event. And one of the big highlights of the year is the Microsoft keynote that is at the day before the event starts – and we will provide a live blog, keeping you on track what Redmond has to offer for 2011. Last year was predominantly gaming announcements, with the […]

Windows 8 reaches Milestone 2, according to leaks

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While it hasn’t been any secret that Microsoft is already at work in producing the successor to Windows 7 – the OS that happens to repair much of the damage of Windows Vista – but the stage of development of it has been so secretive, it can rival Apple. However, there has been a leak. A Russian website is reporting that Redmond has recently compiled a new build of a […]

Ballmer denies Microsoft breakup rumours

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Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates, CEO and Chairman of Microsoft respectively, have denied any possibility that Microsoft could potentially break up its business into smaller components in order to be profitable, after one shareholder asked the two men in the company’s annual shareholders meeting. “I obviously don’t think it is time,” Ballmer told the investors.

Rumour Mill: Is Ballmer going to appear at WWDC?

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Let’s end the day with a rumour that may cause some anguish in the Apple community. Steve Ballmer is rumoured to be making a cameo at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) – Apple’s biggest event that it holds every year for developers? According to Trip Chowdhry, an analyst with Global Equities Research, who said that he will make an appearance on the opening keynote held on June 7. The topic? […]

Live: Steve Ballmer Keynote

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A keynote, a keynote. The very first keynote of CES kicks starts at 1:30PM today Melbourne Time, and like usual – will do live coverage of the keynote. Will there be a HP/Microsoft tablet? Will we see more of Office 2010? Is there more Windows Live services coming out? All will be revealed when Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer takes the stage for his second CES keynote. Edit [3:37PM]: Event […]

Steve Ballmer’s e-mail to Microsoft employees about layoffs

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Microsoft recently announced that it will axe 5,00 jobs at the company, with 1,400 of those announced jobs cuts being axed today. Steve Ballmer sent this letter out to the employees at Microsoft detailing the layoffs, and the company’s performance. In response to the realities of a deteriorating economy, we’re taking important steps to realign Microsoft’s business. I want to tell you about what we’re doing and why. Today we […]

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