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Valve adds software store to Steam on Windows

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Valve is today expanding their popular Steam publishing platform from just games (and a few movies) to now offering a very small selection of software for Windows, set to expand soon. For the next week GameMaker: Studio, 3D-Coat, ArtRage Studio Pro, CameraBag 2, 3DMark Vantage, and 3DMark 11 will be available with a 10% discount from RRP. And the benefits from buying through Steam, as well as the 10% discount, includes, for some […]

BARGAIN HUNTER: Portal 2, Mass Effect 2 and more on sale today on Steam

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Steam always has great holiday sales and its Autumn Sale is no exception. Every day for the next 5 days there will be different games on sale and today is a cracker: Portal 2, which I gave 10/10, for $10.19USD Duke Nukem Forever for $16.99USD Orcs Must Die for $3.74USD Call Of Duty: Black Ops for $44.99USD Test Drive Unlimited 2 for $4.99USD Renegade Ops for $9.99USD Dejobaan Complete Pack for […]

Rumour Mill: Is Steam coming to Xbox 360?

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Image: Techspot Wait, what? Yes, apparently a recent rumour appearing all over the internet is that Steam is coming to the Xbox 360 – all based on an addition to its support page options that state quite clearly “XBOX Support”. Right… It would definitely see a shift in Microsoft’s stance as it refused to support its Steamworks API in favour of its Xbox Live service. The only console that currently […]

Battlefield 3 will require EA Origin no matter how you buy it

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EA will be enforcing the use of their new, Steam-like service, Origin, in the PC version of their upcoming Call Of Duty competitor, Battlefield 3. If you don’t already know (and I wouldn’t blame you), Origin is Electronic Arts brand new digital distribution platform that allows the purchasing and downloading of PC games and downloadable content. It needs a client and is very much like Steam, except for the fact […]

Review: Portal 2

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In 2007, Valve released Portal and became a huge success. And while it was part of a collection of other games developed by the company, it was announced that a sequel to the popular game. Now in 2011, we see the results of their hard labour. Read our review on Portal 2, by Chris Southcott, after the jump.

Up to 80% off selected Steam games [Bargain Hunter]

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Steam sure does love Christmas! The digital PC and Mac gaming platform has just unwrapped a slew of bargains on heaps of quality titles, with daily specials. Today’s savings include Portal for US$3.74, Super Meat Boy for US$3.75, Battlefield Bad Company 2 for US$6.79 and heaps more. There are also longer sales that last until January 2. You can buy the games for yourself, or gift them that special someone in […]

Mac Mini Updated. Now with HDMI

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Yes folks, you heard right. The Mac Mini has been updated this week and now boasts the following tech specs: Unibody enclosure – now matches the new iMac and MacBook Pro lines Removable base – there is a cover that is under the base of the machine that allows for DIY RAM (SO-DIMM DDR3 SDRAM) Up to 8GB of RAM, 320GB or 500GB HDD space 3.6cm high by 19.7cm deep […]

Steam for Mac: Beta Applicants to be chosen this week.

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Capture text: Sorry! This stage of the Steam on Mac beta signup is now closed. Applicants will be chosen in the coming weeks. If we open the beta to a larger audience we will let everyone know! Yes, thats right. Steam has quietly updated their Mac Beta page to reflect that the successful closed beta testers will be chosen this week. So keep an eye out this week for an […]

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